Today, the ceremony of signing the foundation act and laying the foundation stone for the construction of a new cargo terminal at Kraków Airport took place.

The ceremony was attended by: Andrzej Adamczyk – Minister of Infrastructure, Łukasz Kmita -Voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Smółka – Marshal of Lesser Poland, Jerzy Muzyk – Vice Mayor of the City of Krakow, Bartłomiej Stawarz – Deputy Mayor of the Zabierzów Commune, and Wanda Kułaj – Chairwoman of the MPL Supervisory Board. Grzegorz Puda – the Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy, sent a letter to the participants. The investment contractor, Mostostal Warszawa S.A. represented by: Jorge Calabuig Ferre – Vice-President of the Management Board, Maciej Sasak  – Area Director, Artur Sikora – Director of the Contracts Group and Mariusz Rudnik – Contract Manager. The ceremony was hosted by the Management Board of Kraków Airport: Radosław Włoszek, President of the Management Board and Mariusz Saługa, Member of the Management Board.

We are consistently implementing all investments assumed in the General Plan approved in 2018 and in the long-term financial plan of the shareholders of the Kraków Airport company: at the beginning of June this year, we put into operational use the first fragment of the newly made surface of the aircraft apron in the western part with 6 new parking stands. Today we are symbolically signing the foundation act and laying the foundation stone for the construction of a new cargo terminal worth PLN 91,938,001.67 gross.  I am sure that this project will contribute to the development of the economic potential of our region, and thus to the creation of new jobs, and will also be a necessary element to start the expansion of the passenger terminal.” – said Radosław Włoszek, president of Kraków Airport

The new terminal will be located at the provincial road No. 774, approximately 1 km from the current cargo terminal and passenger terminal. The facility will consist of an office and warehouse section with a total operational area of ​​5,600 m2 and a volume of 39,000 m3, as well as the accompanying technical infrastructure, which will enable the increase of cargo handling at Kraków Airport to 8,000 t/year. The complex, in addition to regular cargo freight, will also be able to handle shipments requiring special conditions, such as animals, medicines, radioactive materials, foodstuffs, etc. In addition, the functions currently performed in the existing cargo terminal by state services, i.e. the Border Guard and Customs Branch will be held there.

The new location of the cargo terminal will allow to divert the truck traffic beyond the immediate vicinity of the airport entrance, and thus improve the conditions of access to the passenger terminal. It is also here that a new entrance to the airport will be located, along with a security checkpoint. In order to streamline and improve the safety of access to the cargo terminal, the investment will also include the reconstruction of a section of provincial road No. 774.

The contractor for construction works in the cargo terminal is Mostostal Warszawa S.A. The author of the project documentation is a consortium of companies: AKE Studio sp. z o.o., sp.k. and APA Czech-Duliński-Wróbel Design Agency “Architektura” sp. z o.o.

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