Unique bags, backpacks and bum bags made in small workshops are enjoying an increasing and well-deserved esteem by consumers who want to stand out with their original and stylish accessories.

Style and elegance mixed with convenience and minimalism – it is not easy to find a product that meets all these requirements. However, this is not a mission impossible for Polish designers, whose handicraft products will interest everyone who appreciate high-quality workmanship, enticing solutions and conspicuous design. Such products can be practically used both during everyday activities and long trips to the unknown.


Fashionable women’s hip bags, the so-called fanny packs, are the domain of the Polish brand “Huba”. To make it even more practical, Anita Bednarek, the founder of the brand, creates both larger, oversize fanny packs and their handheld mini versions. During several years of activity on the market, “Huba” has managed to conquer the hearts of all who opt for comfort and interesting design. The offer also includes classic, capacious shopper bags, which are to encourage consumers to give up plastic bags when shopping. Where to find inspiration during creative work? Soon, the next collection will have its premiere, and as the designer herself says: “Huba is the elegance in the shape of forest – our inspiration is nature. The most important elements are conscious design and our customers’ needs. The latest collection includes paper “Hubas”, as well as “Hubas” inspired by the cactus or with a leafy pattern”.


The Molehill brand presents in its lookbook classic, simple, leather and canvas bags made of natural materials. The main idea is to provide customers with high quality products that will serve them for years. Molehill focuses on craftsmanship and precision, which have a significant impact on the quality, aesthetics and durability of products. “Balance is crucial for our design philosophy, as part of which we cultivate and sustain tradition, and at the same time develop new products that are essential for the modern lifestyle. When we appeared on the market four years ago, I claimed that the product should live with its owner, as well as be a record of time and experience. Today, I always add that the product should also create a culture of everyday life. What we surround ourselves with has an effect on the quality of our lives. The value of craftsmanship is still extremely important in this aspect ” – says Łukasz Król, the creative director and creator of the Molehill brand.


The first Anacomito fanny pack was made from old jeans, and could be directly attached to belt loops. The following models have been enriched with interchangeable belts in various designs and colors. Nina and Jagoda, mother and daughter who are the founders of the brand, from the very beginning focused on finding the right raw materials. Having in mind the idea of sustainable fashion, the designers use, among others, recycled materials and fabric back ends. Bags are also made of velvet and moisture-resistant waxed cotton. All models are unique – only a few dozen, or sometimes only several items, are created.
Nina i Jagoda, założycielki Anacomito
The original name of the brand refers to the need for freedom and liberty. The question that is always asked when going through a purse, i.e. “And what do I need this for?”, inspired the designers to create a functional fanny pack that can contain all necessary items. During the design work, Nina and Jagoda draw their inspiration from the latest trends, as well as the opinions and comments of customers. One thing is for sure: if you want to stand out with your style, you should head to smaller design studios. This is where original, simple products lined with passion and true love for craftsmanship and natural materials are made.
Anacomito, Born to be light