Małopolska is a true paradise for trekking fans. On the map of the region, you can find many popular trails that are worth checking out. Nevertheless, fans of this type of activity are more and more often choosing less popular trails over the well-known and crowded spots.

Trekking, regardless of your fitness or specialist equipment, is not only available to everyone, but also positively affects your mood and health. You only need a pair of comfortable shoes and the knowledge of the trail in order to relax and enjoy the scenic views of beautiful valleys and peaks.

Following the trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Although it has best known as a mecca for climbers, the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland is also an ideal place for trekking. Its offer is truly immense, as trekking trails are over 160 km long. During your walk, you can enjoy visiting mysterious caves, ravines and unique rock formations that you cannot be found anywhere else. What is more, architecture fans will enjoy 12 well-preserved castles located along the entire trail. The castles in Ojców and Ogrodzieniec deserve special mention.

The Pienin nooks

Homole ravine is a great base camp for families with children. The 1-km trail runs along Kamionka stream. It is not particularly difficult as it is rich in bridges or stairways that diversify the passage. Furthermore, the trail includes Dubantowska Dolina, whose main attraction are the so-called Kamienne Księgi (Stone Books), rock formations with a rare flat structure that imitates an open book. In the past, gold diggers would seek gold in this area. To this day, you can come across old mining shafts that are the remains of mines located in this ravine.

Tatra silence

Impossible? Not really. Tatra trails, despite being swarmed with tourists during every season, conceal places known only to a few trekkers. In fact, those seeking silence will find it relatively close to the usual tourist hustle and bustle. When near Zakopane, you have to head towards Strążyska Valley, where, adjacent to Mała Łąki Valley, you will finally reach your destination – Dolina za Bramką. There, you will find a stream that flows along the road and creates picturesque cascades. The trail is relatively short and easy.

Following shepherds

While wandering around mountain summits, tourists often pass over pasturelands. One such place is Hala Stoły. The trail to this alpine tundra leads through Kościeliska Valley, from where it heads towards a glade with an amazing view of Czerwone Wierchy and Giewont. When walking down the trail, you will encounter historical shepherd huts. This extremely valuable pastoral architecture has for many years accompanied the highlanders, who used to pasture their sheep there. This silent witness to regional customs stands to this day, reminding of the local history of the Tatra Mountains.

Trails from Toporowa Cyrhla

The best option for conquerors of the mountain peaks will surely be the rarely visited green trail to Wielki Kopieniec, which can be reached by a path leading from Toporowa Cyrhla. At an altitude of 1,328 meters above sea level, you can see the view of Kasprowy Wierch and surroundings of Hala Gąsienicowa. Whereas, slightly below, you can see the spruce forests of Olczyska Valley, which complement this amazing panorama.