Cracow University of Economics is the largest university of economics in Poland, and the number of international students is growing every year – today, it is almost 900 people. Kraków is becoming more and more attractive place on the world map of universities.

The traditions of the University of Economics date back to pre-war times – it was established in 1925, shortly after Poland regained its independence. It is currently one of the largest scientific and research centres by the Vistula River, educating about 15,000 students in 30 faculties in Polish and English. These activities are perfectly in line with the motto indicated in the maxim: Rerum cognoscere causas et valorem (Latin: To know the causes and values of things).

— In the beginning, we set ourselves very ambitious goals. Then we drew up a precise plan to achieve them. And now it is time for us to build together, step by step, the University of our dreams. Let’s make the most of the enormous opportunities that lie ahead of us! — says Stanisław Mazur, PhD, DSc, ProfTit CUE, Rector of Cracow University of Economics.

These activities arouse more and more interest for international students, who are constantly increasing in the University of Economics buildings. They can undertake studies in English – full-time and part-time I and II degree, doctoral and postgraduate, as well as participate in educational exchanges. The largest groups are Ukrainians (466 people) and Belarusians (155), but there is also a significant number of Spaniards (60), Germans (32) and Italians (26). The charms of Kraków’s student life are also discovered by people from distant countries such as the USA, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Thailand.

Study in English

International participants can study the following fields in English: International Business, Corporate Finance and Accounting, Modern Business Management, Applied Informatics, and there are also second-degree studies – Business Logistics major. CUE makes every effort to ensure that its study programmes are best suited to the needs of the modern labour market. The high level of education at CUE reflects in statistics. According to the data provided by the Academic Career Centre since 2010, as many as 85% of students get a job during their studies.


MBA studies, also available in English, are essential for the modern programme. As part of studies at the University of Economics, this prestigious form of education takes place at the Krakow School of Business (CSB), a unit dedicated to professional education on a wide range of business issues. The offer gives the opportunity to meet experienced leaders and includes the following courses: Executive MBA (has prestigious international accreditation EFMD), International MBA, MBA KSB + Master and MBA IT. Tuition is provided in cooperation with international universities: Clark University from Worcester (USA), EM Normandie Business School (France), AESE Business School (Portugal) and St. Gallen Business School (Switzerland). – We plan to develop our activities and are open to cooperation in a broad international environment – informs CUE. Among the MBA students, you can meet people from the USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Spain, China, Turkey, Romania, and Ukraine.

Expansion and progress

As we found out, the offer will constantly expand, responding to the needs of the modern world. There are plans to extend English-language programmes for both first and second degrees. The University also intends to attract as many students as possible from outside Poland.

To achieve this, the Academy runs joint programmes with over 200 universities from all over the world, giving students the opportunity to take part in exchanges and internships abroad, as well as offering the chance to obtain double diplomas. The development of this significant, and at the same time – promising programme, is a strategic point of CUE’s development. Hence the constantly growing number of foreign partners from all over the world, from Western Europe, through North and South America, to Asia, Africa, and Australia. The University is a member of, among others, the Network of International Business and Economics Schools (NIBES), the European University Association (EUA), the European Business Consortium (EBC), the University Network of European Capitals of Culture (UNECC) or the Erasmus Network of Business Schools (ENBS). Cooperation takes place in many fields, opening new opportunities for students and academics conducting international research.

– Best practices, creative thinking and innovative solutions facilitate the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of today’s globally connected world – informs the University of Economics.

Find out more

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