Time spent at the airport can be hasty and stressful due to, for example, not being familiar with the procedures. By introducing a number of improvements for passengers, airports are making effort to make the travel experience as positive as possible.

Questions and suggestions passed through the information points staff, official social media channels and contact forms are invaluable source of information about passengers needs. The collected data serve to plan and provide nearly cost-free access to valued services, which translates directly into increased satisfaction of travelers.

To reach out

Kraków Airport implemented several solutions that have met with a very positive response from the passengers. Yellow telephones, which can be used by customers for free, e.g. to contact their hotel, bus company or taxi upon arrival, is the most popular one. Fountains with drinking water, located directly behind the security control, before the commercial zone, are also appreciated.
Self-service printer at the information point, which allows passengers to print documents (e.g. boarding pass) in A4 format easily is another new facility for improving traveling experience.

Dealing with stress

Kraków Airport passengers can take part in free 10-minutes relaxation sessions with music, elements of Tai Chi, Pilates and stretching, led by Happy&Healthy professional trainers.
It is a great way to relax before boarding a plane, especially important before longer flights, where sitting position for several hours is inevitable. Aircraft crew and airport employees join the passengers for the sessions too!

Dog therapy

It is widely known that a contact with an animal releases endorphins and lowers the stress level. In the departure area of the Krakow Airport you can meet a border collie dog named Zen together with its owner Kasia – a dog behaviorist.
This nice team ensures that passengers feel relaxed and calm before the plane takes off and that they leave Kraków Airport with positive memories.

Choose your zone

For early arrivers two zones have been prepared: the Entertainment Zone and the Snooze Zone. The first one offers facilities for playing a table tennis, table football, hopscotch, XXL chess and a Twister. It has become popular not only among the youngest passengers.
The Snooze Zone attracts the biggest number of people late in the evening and early in the morning. It is located in the western part of the terminal, which is much less busy. The zone is separated from the rest of the terminal by plants, enabling proper relax before the flight.

Kraków Airport’s effort has been recognized not only by specialists, but also (and most importantly) by passengers. This is evident both in the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) customer satisfaction survey, in which the airport has been consistently participating since 2007, and in the “Happy or Not” consoles, which enable permanent monitoring of sensitive areas of airport services (e.g. security check, baggage reclaim waiting time, cleanliness). HappyOrNot® consoles are easy and quick to use, and thus can collect a large number of opinions. Cooperation with Smartlife Polska as well as implementation of new solutions in the field of monitoring passenger satisfaction offered by HappyOrNot® allowed the airport to better understand the needs of passengers.
In 2019 Kraków Airport was, among other five European airports, accredited by Airport Council International in customer experience category. Accreditation is granted to airports which constantly strive to improve the quality of their services, listen to passangers’ suggestions and respond to their needs.