Are you a beach person? Or maybe you prefer long, hiking trips in national parks? Each of us has different preferences regarding rest, which depend on our personality, experiences or lifestyle. Find out which of the Italian cities best suits your current expectations.

How do you like to rest?

  1. I strive for the balance between activity and rest – walking along the city streets, admiring architecture, and having a good dinner at an ambient restaurant afterwards is a recipe for a successful holiday.
  2. Holidays are a time when you should not wear out. Unhurried walks, swimming in the warm sea… the more rest and detachment from everyday life, the better.
  3. I like to do sports, move from place to place, look for new experiences. Numerous memories equal a successful summer vacation!
  4. I relax outdoors best. Close contact with nature allows me to calm down and truly relax.

I usually travel to:

  1. Try a different lifestyle, architecture, cuisine… then I can feel like I am in a movie.
  2. Rest from everyday hustle and bustle, work and duties.
  3. Have fun and get a rush of adrenaline.
  4. Get to know new places – far from the crowds and close to the nature.

What do you think about big, permanently vibrant cities that are full of cafés and crowds of people looking for excitement?

  1. I can visit such a city just to take some photos and say that I have been there. However, I prefer restaurants with atmosphere to bars, so I would look for more “elegant” cities.
  2. I just pass by such cities when I am on my way to the seaside resort.
  3. Sounds like a perfect place for a weekend getaway! You cannot get bored there.
  4. I definitely avoid such places as I consider them completely devoid of atmosphere.

You wake up during your Italian holidays, go to the window and see…

  1. Famous architectural monument such as the Coliseum or Mark’s Square.
  2. Sunny morning, beautiful beach and clean, calm sea.
  3. A lively city centre, an active volcano or another exciting sight that encourages me to look for some excitement.
  4. Lush green trees, wild lemons, stone houses… an image of Italy where time has stopped.

What do you think about visiting museums and admiring architecture?

  1. A must-do! Art, famous monuments, churches, museums, castles … Italy is famous for them!
  2. I can see the most famous monument in the region and visit the most important museums, but then I want to relax on a sun lounger.
  3. I definitely prefer active rest, getting to know people and the culture of the country instead of spending time in museums or cathedrals.
  4. I am open to such an activity, although I prefer landscapes and outdoor activities.

You cannot leave Italy without trying…

  1. Italian wine, seafood, local specialties.
  2. Delicious Italian ice cream, which perfectly crowns the seaside holiday.
  3. Pizza! Italian holidays without pizza are pointless.
  4. I do not pay much attention to food, I will happily eat what a given region offers.

Count your answers and find out which of the Italian cities suits best your current expectations. The results you can find here.