The Vistula and its extensive tributaries, lakes and reservoirs form an attractive water map of Małopolska, with at least a dozen places worth checking out.

Rafting down the Dunajec

The Pieniny is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Małopolska that is visited en masse by tourists, especially during the summer season. The Dunajec River Gorge rafting guarantees beautiful views and unforgettable memories.
It is available to everyone, as it does not require prior preparation or specialized equipment. Moreover, the rafts are navigated by rafters who are responsible for organization and safety during the trip. The rafting starts at marinas in Sromowce Kąty or Sromowce Niżne.

White water rafting

A greater dose of adrenaline will be provided by white water rafting down a fast-flowing river on a pontoon. Enthusiasts of this sport on the Dunajec river are a common sight. White water rafting, contrary to its traditional form, requires active participation and teamwork, therefore in this case also good physical condition will prove useful.
Families with children should try slightly easier Poprad river. Due to the quieter current, this course offers the opportunity to admire the Poprad Nature Park and historic castles in Muszyna and Rytro. Pontoon raft on the Dunajec starts in a small village Sromowce Niżne, and finishes at Szczawnica health resort.

Kayaking in the city centre

Water sports enthusiasts can also be found in the close vicinity of Kraków. It is worth trying a one-day rafting trip on the Vistula river on the Tyniec-Dąbie section or kayaking along the Dłubnia River near Nowa Huta. The city also offers a canoe track at the “Kolna” Sports and Recreation Center.
Almost a 320-meter long and 14-meter wide track, and the possibility to regulate the speed of water flow – these are the conditions that will satisfy even the most demanding canoeist. Perfect imitation of the river with a strong current makes the kayaking experience similar to one on a mountain stream.

Wind in sails

Bagry is a lagoon that is located only 6km south of Kraków. Despite the small area, it has two bathing beaches, two marinas and a water equipment rental. A little further, about 20 km west of the city, lies Kryspinów, where it is possible to sail on small yachts. The fairly calm surface of the water provides ideal conditions for those who are just starting their adventure with sailing.
During the season, outdoor events take place here. Another interesting place is Rożnowskie Lake, located at the foot of the Rożnowskie Foothills, about 100 km from Kraków, which attracts mainly sailing and kayaking enthusiasts. Although the main function of this artificial water reservoir is to protect from floods and generate energy, it also increases the tourism attractiveness of the area.