In pursuit of the perfect planner and calendar, it is increasingly difficult to choose your favourite one. Every year there are more and more serious candidates, with not only big publishing houses, but also cultural institutions, artists and illustrators competing for our hearts.

In a world of flourishing new technologies and electronic gadgets, it might seem that everything analogue and on paper has no chance of survival. You couldn’t be more wrong. The creators of stationery argue that the passion for paper has not gone away, and traditional notebooks and calendars have many devotees.

Art on the cover

Papiery Wartościowe successfully combine exceptional calligraphy, minimalist form and modernity. The brand’s goal is to give a special character to seemingly ordinary items such as stationery, calendars and notebooks. The company addresses its offer to people who are not indifferent to the aesthetic values of the things they are surround by. Aleksandra Zielińska, the creator of the brand, emphasizes: – We establish cooperation with valued artists who prepare exclusive graphics for our projects. In recent years these included Agnieszka Diesing and Aleksandra Morawiak from Liquid Memory Collages. Next year, we are planning to cooperate with another renowned Polish artist whose name we cannot reveal at the moment. Our products are manufactured in Poland and to a large extent are made by hand. We pay attention to details by carefully choosing the materials from which we make our calendars and notebooks.
Kalendarz 2020
Papiery wartościowe, fot. Mateusz Gogol
Kalendarz 2020, Planner
Papiery wartościowe, fot. Agata Dimmich

Natural beauty

You can read about her projects in the most popular magazines and industry blogs. Magdalena Tekieli, an artist from Kraków as well as a furniture and graphic designer, is also the originator of the Paper Love brand. She creates projects that are distinguished by their original design. She has always been interested in the paper industry, therefore she did not hesitate to transform her passion into a prosperous business. Today, Paper Love products can be bought not only in Poland, but also in larger European cities, and in addition to notebooks, the brand name can also be found on calendars, planners, brass rulers and decorative papers. The brand signed by Tekieli is developing dynamically – the artist herself ensures that her head is full of ideas and the best of them are born during the holidays. Each year brings on new products, forms and design. The designer focuses primarily on choosing the right paper – the basis for the products are only ecological and natural raw materials. Magdalena Tekieli’s works were also appreciated by cultural institutions. She created a planner for the 200th anniversary of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, as well as calendars and notebooks for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków.
Brass Ruler, Magdalena Tekieli
Paper Love Magda Tekieli
Paper Love – Planner

With you all the time

Practical, ready to accept a variety of thoughts, and at the same time beautiful, filled with illustrations of talented graphic designers from Oku Miłe (Joanna Walczykowska and Mateusz Kowalski). Pan Kalendarz (Mr. Calendar) was created thanks to the commitment and work of the team from Cuda Wianki Studio founded in 2010 (Ola Dębniak, Paulina Rek-Gromulska), and has appeared on the market for the eighth time. As the publishers say, the project was created out of passion for creation and a desire to vent artistically. The 2020 calendar has four variants of the cover: Woman, Flowers, Map, Fleece. However, the inside is the same in every version. The fans appreciate the handy format – you can easily fit the calendar in a small bag and take it with you.
Kalendarz artystyczny, planner
Pan Kalendarz 2020
Pan Kalendarz 2020