There are at least a dozen reasons why you should come to Kraków. And if you want to visit the most interesting shopping places, it may turn out that your stay will be far too short to see all off the attractions.

Successful “shopping hunt” comes down to not only going through fashion boutiques with clothes made by well-known and expensive designers. Unique items in vintage style, handicrafts or art are sought after with more and more passion. Local entrepreneurs create the atmosphere of the city, while unique places with soul are an interesting alternative for tourists.

Good design

Nadwiślańska 11 – here Polish design is doing great. Rzeczy Same is a stall with various items created by both well-known and debuting Polish artists. The shelves overflow with beautiful ceramics and glass, made with care in private studios. They are accompanied by stationery – notebooks, planners and elegantly issued calendar books. Textiles also have their place here as, among them, you can find densely woven patterned bed clothing, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins and blankets. Poster lovers will also be pleased to find something for themselves in both classic reproductions by Ryszard Kai and novelties from young talented graphic designers. Lovers of original trinkets will not come out empty-handed. Be warned that you may lose your head just by looking at the jewellery shelf. Rzeczy Same has a magical power of attraction that makes you come back here with each visit to Kraków.
Ceramika, sklep Rzeczy Same
Ceramika, sklep Rzeczy Same

A book with character

In search of food for thought, it is worth visiting Grabowski 13 Street, where the company bookstore of one of the most famous publishing houses in the country is located. Karakter is a publishing house that is not afraid of touching on important social topics, and, at the same time, is famous for its exceptional care for the editorial and graphic layer. These are the things that are valued by faithful readers who come to Karakter in search of reports from all around the world, ambitious essays or publications on architecture and art. What to look for on the store shelf? Enthusiasts of Filip Springer will be pleased with the resumed version of the “13 floors” reportage, while lovers of design and graphics design cannot ignore the story of the legendary CPN sign (Centrala Produktów Naftowych (Head Office for Petroleum Products)) brand described by Patryk Hardziej.

Treasure Mine

More and more people who look for souvenirs visit flea markets, where they can buy and bring back home a unique item with history. You can start your walk on Sunday morning from the flea market at Grzegórzecka 3 Street, near Hala Targowa. You can find there used furniture, books, clothes, coins, old electronics and porcelain. Photography enthusiasts will be able to immerse themselves in the search for old photos that depict Kraków and its surroundings. However, the antiques market is not just trade. Sellers will gladly share with visitors intriguing stories, explain how to look for valuable items and which antiques to invest in. One thing is certain: a walk between the stands can definitely be an interesting experience. After 13.00, the market begins to empty, and you can go to a well-deserved rest to one of the nearby pubs.
Targ staroci pod Halą Targową, fot. Kai Pilger

In search of beauty

There are places on the map of Kraków that you can visit to take care of yourself in slow mode fashion. One of such places is Jeju store. This small, but interestingly arranged place is located at Miodowa 9 Street, in the famous Kazimierz. Already at the entrance, you are struck by the pink colours of the walls broken up by emerald green. A wide range of Korean and Polish natural cosmetics and a friendly space for conversations about personal care, make each visit a unique shopping experience in a truly feminine atmosphere.

Green up!

Strolling along Beer Meisels Street, you will find the LolaFlora gardening store, where you can buy, among others, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, stylish accessories and decorations, as well as learn everything about plant care. Exotic species are also on sale. Bananas, figs, monstera are a great way to extend the summer and allow maintaining a healthy microclimate in the comfort of your apartment. The owners often organize thematic workshops, during which you will learn, for example, how to create a forest in a jar by yourself.
Lola Flora, kwiaciarnia w Krakowie