BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY – VISIT KRAKOW is an information and social campaign of the City of Krakow to support the tourist market in the capital of Małopolska. It is an initiative which invites to rediscover the city.

Sightseeing routes are updated specially so that we can see the most beautiful places, monuments and attractions, as well as take advantage of the offer of Krakow’s entrepreneurs. Thematic walks in the areas of literature, music, film, crafts, handicrafts, memorials and history of Krakow will be led by professional guides, enthusiasts, artists, activists and writers. At the same time, various open cultural and social events will be held, including drive-in cinemas, picnics and small concerts. All with due regard for safety, of course.


The second area of the BE A TOURIST IN YOUR CITY campaign comprises all kinds of WORKSHOPS. There are several hundred companies, institutions and people who run interesting, substantive and diverse workshops in Krakow. Thanks to this, we will be able to learn something new, broaden their knowledge and skills and fill their time with entire families and groups of friends in an attractive way, and local entrepreneurs will start to function and run their businesses normally.


See what attractions are waiting for you – fall in love in our city! First time in Kraków? You don’t know where t start? You will find some help here