All of the Italian cities offer various possibilities for being active all year round. At the seaside, you can choose from the wide range of water sports, whereas in the interior, you can enjoy city bikes, segways, kayaks and rafts on the rivers or water canals, golf courses, stadiums, sports fields, hippodromes and aqua parks. In the mountains, there are scenic hiking and climbing routes, while in winter you can enjoy the ski slopes.

On wheels

Turin is a perfect city for the active people! All year round, there are organised cycling trips called Royal E-bike Tour, during which guides show you famous spots and the most important sights, sharing some interesting facts and anecdotes. The tour is 14 kilometres long and the minimum age of participants is 14. However, you can also rent a bike with a child seat. Cycling may also be a good idea for a full-day trip in the Piedmont hills called “a gem of Italian winemaking”. This area is best-known for the red grape Nebbiolo used to make such famous kinds of wine as Barolo and Barbaresco.
Those of you passionate about cars will have a unique opportunity to spend some time behind the wheel of an Alfa Romeo Spider. At request, you can have the car waiting for you outside your hotel and start a meticulously organized, 150-kilometre road trip. TURIN #flyKRK

Snow paradise

Located on the West Alpine Foreland, Turin is the perfect winter destination. Moreover, it was Turin that hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006. From Turin you may set off on a trip to Valmeinier and Valoire, where you will find 150 kilometres of routes that you can traverse without taking off your skis! Via Lattea, the famous Milky Way, which gained popularity due to the Olympic Games, will be an excellent choice. There, you can explore 400 kilometres of diversified slopes and 90 modern ski lifts.
A nice alternative is Bergamo located at the foot of the Bergamasque Alps, famous for their enticing slopes. The nearest resort with 20 slopes, offering 30 kilometres of routes is Montecampione in the Vallecamonica Valley. There, you can find numerous ski equipment rentals, specialist stores and ski schools for beginners. It is only a stone’s throw from Montecmpione to Terme di Boario – a great wellness & spa resort well known for its thermal water. BERGAMO#flyKRK
Turyn, Via Lattea, narty we Włoszech

On the mountain trail

Bologna is a city situated at the foot of the Apennine Mountains. These picturesque mountains offer various activities for tourists. Definitely worth mentioning is Rocca di Badolo – a mountain where you can enjoy more than 150 climbing routes.
For people fonder of lowland ventures, a culinary tour is recommended. It is quite an adventure since Bologna is considered the culinary capital of the country. The trail wends its way through Piazza Santo Stefano and narrow, medieval streets of the old town. During the trip you will be able to do shopping in Parmigiano Reggiano and visit the medieval food market – Quadrilatero. A local delicacy tasting is also scheduled, so you can try the best Italian cheeses, excellent wines, handmade tortellini and tagliatelle, and finally crown this this remarkable trip with a secret dish. BOLOGNA#flyKRK
Bolonia, Włochy

Breakneck speed and amazing views

Milan entices tourists with the annual Balloon Flight Festival, where you can watch dozens of magnificent hot-air balloons and fly in one to admire the surrounding landscape for free. Saying that Milan is the city of football is a huge understatement. Let’s remember that it is home to two splendid football teams – A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. The city is the best possible place for all football fans. Thanks to the wold-class San Siro stadium, spectators have a unique opportunity to watch matches of the best players.
The next, equally important sports event is the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix, held at Monza circuit near Milan. The circuit called Autodromo Nazionale di Monza offers long and straight sectors where bolides can reach the speed of as much as 360km/h. The next ‘festival of speed’ is planned for the beginning of September 2019; however, if you want to experience the atmosphere of the championships earlier, there is a simulator available for tourists on a daily basis. MILAN#flyKRK

Amazing archaeology

Napoli is all about water sports. You can rent a kayak to admire the lesser known side of the Posillipo district, basking in the sunshine during the day, or watch the full moon in the middle of the night. The city is also a friendly harbour for sailors. What especially draws tourists who want to spend their time actively are places that surround Napoli, in particular Baiae. It is a popular and elegant health resort where scuba diving takes on a new meaning.
You can submerge to an amazing, ancient underwater city. This sunken part of Baiae is considered a unique sea museum and an archaeological wonder, where tourists can admire a villa with columns and the intricate mosaic, an ancient port from 37 B.C. or outstanding thermal baths with some statues covered in seaweed, discovered only half a century ago. NAPLES#flyKRK

On and under the water

Cagliari – the capital of Sardinia situated on the south coast of this picturesque island, is a paradise for sailors, divers and the lovers of mountain hiking. Tourists can also try some popular water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing or kitesurfing. As a more unusual attraction you can check SUP – Stand Up Paddle. It is a firm board that looks like a combination of a surfboard and a kayak, on which you stand and navigate using only one paddle. CAGLIARI#flyKRK