Although Italy is associated first and foremost with the beginning of European history and well-known monuments such as the Coliseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this country has much more to offer. We hereby present 10 Italian cities –  10 Italian ways for a great holiday. We hope that our tips will help you make a satisfying choice.

Italian cities have a lot of interesting attractions for families with children, as well as offer various forms of active recreation starting from water sports, through cycling tours, and ending with ski slopes. They also host a large number of cultural and business events, which is why it is worth visiting Italy at any time of the year.  Soon You can read about all these possibilities on our blog.


The city is located at the foot of the Italian Alps. It is mainly known for its monuments, such as the Church of St. Lawrence and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with the famous Holy Shroud, which depicts the image of the Resurrected Jesus. It will be an ideal choice for people who like diversity, and look for both history trivia and active recreation. Turin is also famous for chocolate production and vicinity to the mountains. Trekking or skiing – the season lasts the whole year.


Most often associated with fashion. It is here that you can do luxury shopping, feel the pulse of the city of fashion and design, drink an afternoon aperitif, and have fun in one of the nightclubs. Milan is an ideal city for those who like bustling streets, cultural and entertainment events, as well as beautiful, historic buildings with rich embellishment and world-class art.


A city of love and fun. For years associated with romantic walks, gondola cruises, and the famous carnival. Thanks to its unique location on swampy islands and distinctive architecture, it has entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. Narrow streets leading over numerous canals and dense buildings Venice is famous for, will be an important spot on the map for architecture enthusiasts.


Although most often associated with the Leaning Tower, Pisa has much more to offer. You can admire the Duomo cathedral built on a Latin cross plan, as well as an over 200-year-old circular Baptistery building, which is almost as tall as the Leaning Tower. Pisa is an interesting city for people who like architecture, killing time in Italian cafés, as well as quiet walks among nature, as the city is adjacent to the large national Migliarino park, which can be easily reached by public transport.


A true paradise for lovers of art, museums and architecture. It is here that Piazza Maggiore, one of the largest squares in Italy, is located, with the famous Basilica of San Petronio, the town hall hiding many archaeological treasures, and the well-known fountain of Neptune. The city’s image is complemented by beautiful arcades of buildings, gates surrounding the city and prestigious universities. Everyone who enjoys active leisure in the city and its rich history will fall in love with Bologna.


The capital of Italy, rich in history and bursting with beautiful architecture and ambient Italian restaurants. It is here that you can admire the most famous Colosseum, numerous squares or the Pantheon preserved from the times of the empire, with the famous Trevi Fountain standing proudly in front of it. A trip to the city will be a pleasure both for lovers of history, architecture and art, as well as adventure seekers – in the evenings, the city offers many opportunities to dance or listen to live music.


Italy, loty z Krakowa
A small town in the Abruzzo region, which is considered one of the best holiday resorts. Located by the Adriatic, the city attracts fans of sunbathing and spending time in seaside cafés, both in and out of season. Mediterranean cuisine, fish and seafood as well as delicious Italian ice cream reign here. Pescara is a good place to relax with family or enjoy a getaway with friends.


A mix of Italian temperament and antique architectural pearls. Neapolitan pizza is a hallmark of the city, and that is why it is worth queuing up to try its soft dough sprinkled with Italian oil. It is also a great place for those yearning for adrenaline, as Naples lies at the foot of Vesuvius – an active volcano that can wake up from its nap at any moment.


The most important city on the island of Sardinia. Although small, it was once one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Today, it attracts with its friendly atmosphere, fast access to many national parks, natural breath-taking landscapes and beaches that are not yet crowded with tourists. It is an ideal place for a quiet holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of large cities and organized trips.


Tricity in Calabria, the southern region of Italy, which is considered the least visited place by tourists. It is here that you hear the noises of Italian conversations and the buzz of vibrant life. Lamezia is, first and foremost, a place with great amounts of untapped potential, which consists of beautiful, sandy beaches, clean water and picturesque national parks in close vicinity. Moreover, it is a place where high-quality wines are produced.