Turkey has been consistently popular with sun worshippers for years. The weather is beautiful all year round, and the Turkish Riviera has much to offer. In the seaside resorts, you can have both a relaxing and exciting holiday.


The more than 200-year-old resort, wedged between the sea and the Taurus Mountains, has quickly become one of the most popular holiday destinations. Cleopatra’s more than 4-kilometre-long sand and stone beach beckons you for a sunny holiday here. According to legend, the Queen of Egypt herself took baths in the azure waters surrounding Alanya.

But the beach and the sea aren’t everything; there is something for everyone here. Strolling around Alanya, it is worth visiting the harbour, where the social life is vibrant, and exciting sights can be seen: the picturesque restored docks or the Red Tower, built back in the 13th century, which houses the Ethnographic Museum. The area has no shortage of atmospheric cafés, restaurants, stone houses and hotels. It gets pretty crowded and bustling in the evenings.

Another attraction of Alanya are the numerous bazaars, which you can find in every city district. Depending on the location, they operate on different days. The most famous one, Cuma Pazari, is located near the port and takes place every Friday. You can buy everything there: fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, olives, spices, Turkish sweets, but also souvenirs and clothes.

A visit to the castle is also worthwhile. Built in the 14th century, the fortress sits at the very top of a peninsula that juts into the azure waters of the Mediterranean. There you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the hill.

You can also take in the panorama of the city (and beyond!) from the Seyir terasi observation deck. This is a place where you can take a souvenir photo with the “I love Alanya” sign, stroll along the alleys between the fountains, or have a picnic or a coffee in a local restaurant.

It’s also worth stepping away from the centre of Alanya and going to the Dimcay river, along which there are pubs and bars on platforms. Here you can enjoy typical Turkish delicacies and a cup of coffee and relax in the beautiful natural surroundings. It is the perfect place to relax (telephone coverage is almost non-existent here), and those wishing to do so can bathe in the river’s icy waters or the slightly warmer pools.

Latarnia morska w porcie, Alanya
Czerwona Wierza, Alanya

Widok z lotu ptaka na zamek w Alanyi


Described as one of the most luxurious resorts in Turkey, it impresses with its sandy beaches and green surroundings. It is dominated by elegant, glamorous five-star hotels, and it is mainly in these that all the social life takes place. Despite its exclusive nature, Belek is still an intimate town, situated between the more popular and well-known Antalya and Side. There is also a slightly milder climate here, which makes it suitable for year-round holidays.

It is here that one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Turkey is located. The pine forests that grow in the area create a distinctive scent in the air, reminiscent of relaxing essential oils. The sea breeze mixes with the pine aroma to create a delightful aura. The surrounding pine forests are the perfect place for a stroll, and the trees provide welcome shade on hot days. Those who like to combine relaxation with active pursuits will surely be delighted by the possibility of planning nearby mountain hikes. Belek is, after all, located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

For a game of golf

Belek, however, is, above all, a Mecca for golf lovers. Several superbly prepared world-class golf courses await visitors here. The state-of-the-art infrastructure has been prepared with both beginners and more experienced golfers in mind. The latter prefer to come here in the low season when the air temperature is most conducive to play. The picturesque 104-hectare Montgomerie complex is home to as many as eight lakes and a forest. The Sueno Golf Club abounds with fields of dunes and numerous pine trees, and playing in such natural settings is a pleasure. On the other hand, the fully lit Carya Golf Club is perfect for a night round of golf.

Belek, Turkey

Every Saturday, a large market is held in Belek. It is an excellent opportunity to buy souvenirs and stock up on local products and delicacies. You should also take advantage of the Turkish baths located in Belek, which offer their guests unique spa treatments. Pure relaxation!


The sea sparkling in the sun with all shades of turquoise, high mountains, citrus groves, picturesque coves and long beaches. Kemer has been attracting tourists for years with its climate and unforgettable views. It is not only a great place to relax, but also close to many unique attractions in the area. Relaxing on the beach should be combined with discovering the town’s charms. Its centre is marked by a soaring white tower with a clock. Visible from afar, it is a significant landmark and meeting point. Right next to the building is a square with a fountain, the Ataturk monument and a mosque. Further along is a pedestrian precinct with numerous shops and stalls, where vendors lively invite you in.

Panorama miasta, Kemer

Relaxing in the sun

Kemer is a popular holiday resort where visitors are most likely to spend time taking a dip – both in the sea and in the sun. To the north of the marina stretches Kemer’s long, pebbled beach. It is so vast that, even though it is partially developed by hotels, everyone will find their little piece of paradise by the sea. A promenade runs along the beach, along which there are cafés, and beach bars – especially the latter are a popular choice for evening socialising.

One of the most popular spots in Kemer is the charming, sandy Moonlight beach, whose shape resembles a crescent moon. Sun loungers and umbrellas await holidaymakers here, of course, so you can spend a pleasant day on the beach. The turquoise water not only invites you to take a dip but also to practise sports – jet skis and parasailing are unsurprisingly popular here. Diving enthusiasts will certainly not be bored here, either. The more adept can admire the Paris II shipwreck, numerous caves and amphorae underwater. On the other hand, beginners will be delighted by the wealth of underwater flora and fauna.

Woman on the beach of the city of Kemer looks at the mountains.

The green face of Kemer

Kemer also boasts numerous well-maintained green areas. Under the shade of palm trees and surrounded by flowers, you can always catch your breath on hot summer days. The Moonlight Park, adjacent to the crescent-shaped beach, is lovely for a pleasant stroll. Numerous cafés and restaurants sit along the park’s promenade, and there is also a dolphinarium and a water park. Following the path, you can reach the yacht basin, where numerous yachts are moored, and Yörük Park. Here, between the marina and the bay, there is a restaurant and an open-air museum that documents the nomadic shepherds’ former life. Accompanied by folk music, you can learn about the history, culture, and traditions of the Yörük nomads, who were the region’s original inhabitants.

Widok na Kemer z lotu ptaka

In Turkish

When in Turkey, it is also worth getting to know local customs and traditions better. Turkish baths have become a permanent feature of the local towns and cities and are increasingly popular with visitors. It is there that you can find out what the hammam ritual is all about. Visitors start their visit to the baths with a stay in the steam sauna, from where, after a cold shower, they proceed to a massage and then to a bath. It is first and foremost a time of relaxation for the body. Still, often a real feast for the eyes, as usually such places also impress with their architecture and rich ornamentation.

From the sea to the sky

Massive mountains tower over Kemer, and you can ride one of the longest cable cars in the world to the top of one of them. The Olympos Teleferik travels more than 4,000 metres to take visitors almost to the top of the 2,365-metre-high Tahtalı Dağı. After several minutes of the journey, the summit offers a magnificent view of the Beydağları National Park, the turquoise sea at the foot of the mountain and, if the weather is good, even Antalya. Evening train rides are very popular, allowing you to enjoy the surrounding landscape in the sunset. For those needing a more intense experience, there is also the option of taking to the skies from here on a paraglider.

Kanion Arapapisti


Side is the perfect combination of ancient history and coastal climate. Located on the Turkish coast, the resort is a place where you can bask in the sun to your heart’s content and spend time exploring ancient ruins. And there is no shortage of them! Walking through the stone streets of the old town, you can see the remains of the ancient hammam, the temple of Apollo or the Agora. Also impressive are the well-preserved ruins of the Roman amphitheatre. At one time, it was one of the largest ancient theatres in the area and could accommodate up to 15,000-20,000 spectators who occupied 49 rows of seats. History buffs can also check out the Side Museum, which has managed to assemble a fascinating collection of ancient statues, sculptures, and sarcophagi. The artefacts collected in the museum’s interiors come mainly from excavations in Side and the immediate vicinity.


Side also has its modern side, of course. During summer, the town bustles with life. Foreign tourists frequent it, so there is no shortage of restaurants, cafés, shops, and stalls. In the charming harbour, boats bob gently on the waves, waiting for holidaymakers to take them on a cruise on the sea. The long and wide beaches invite you to relax in the sunshine. The climate is also conducive to numerous water sports, and diving enthusiasts will be particularly pleased. Just off Side, there is an underwater museum. At the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, you can see more than 110 submerged sculptures that present the history of Anatolia, the historic Turkish land.

It is also an excellent starting point for exploring the immediate area. Only a few kilometres separate Side from the charming Manavgat waterfall. This one is located within a green park, which also houses cafés and souvenir shops. You can also combine a trip to the waterfall with a river cruise and a visit to the covered bazaar in the village of Manavgat. For thrill-seekers, rafting and quad safaris are available in the Koprulu Canyon National Park.


Odwiedzając Riwierę Turecką, nie sposób ominąć jednego z najbardziej popularnych kurortów w całej Turcji, jakim jest przepiękna Antalya. Obszerny artykuł na je temat znajdziecie tutaj: 

Dobrze wiedzieć
Dobrze wiedzieć


Na Riwiere turecką polecicie prosto z Kraków Airport do Antalyi liniami SunExpress, a także na zorganizowane wczasy z biurem Coral Travel.

Przemieszczanie się

Najbardziej skrajnie położone kurorty Riwiery Tureckiej, o których wspomnieliśmy, to Kemer i Alanya, które dzieli od siebie 179 km, czyli ok. trzy godziny jazdy wzdłuż tureckiego wybrzeża samochodem, który możemy wypożyczyć w każdym kurorcie (ceny wahają się między kilkanaście a ok. 30 EUR za dobę, w zależności od pory roku). Możemy również wybrać podróż autobusem – Turcja posiada dobrze rozwiniętą sieć autokarową, która jest bardzo popularną opcją przemieszczania się, zarówno wśród turystów, jak i mieszkańców.