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Hot spot W górach Norwegii

Łańcuch ciągnących się na długości 1800 kilometrów Gór Skandynawskich pokrywa dwie trzecie powierzchni Norwegii. W praktyce otwiera to...

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05.12.2023 | 65

Hot spot Serbia – a paradise for connoisseurs

Serbia is a country still little known to Polish tourists and often overlooked in holiday plans, but a direct flight from Kraków to Belgrade...

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29.08.2023 | 498

Hot spot Riwiera Turecka. Więcej niż morze i piasek

Turcja to nie tylko piasek i morze. Bogata kultura, starożytne zabytki, orientalne smaki i malowniczy, zróżnicowany krajobraz - ten kraj ma...

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27.07.2023 | 510

Hot spot Zielona Góra i okolice w 3 dni

Województwo lubuskie, choć niezaprzeczalnie piękne i intrygujące, zdaje się pozostawać w cieniu bardziej znanych sąsiadów –...

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07.06.2023 | 526

Hot spot Alpy Algawskie. Natura w bawarskim wydaniu

Wysokogórskie ukwiecone hale z rozbrzmiewającymi dzwoneczkami wypasanych owiec, niezrównane widoki, pyszna domowa kuchnia – oto Alpy...

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28.03.2023 | 951

Hot spot 3 dni w… Leeds

Zwiedzanie wspaniałej architektury XIX-wiecznej Anglii? Wizyta w gregoriańskiej posiadłości? Koncert? Mecz? Zakupy? Sztuka? W Leeds zawsze...

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01.03.2023 | 1814

Hot spot 3 days in… Warsaw

Warsaw – the city of 1001 possibilities. The capital city of Poland is the perfect proposal for a creative weekend. A trip following the...

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16.02.2023 | 700

Hot spot On the trail of Arabian nature

The United Arab Emirates is generally perceived as a sparkling, futuristic enclave of glass and steel, resplendent with glitter in the middle of ...

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27.01.2023 | 867

Hot spot Skiing! #flyKRK

A few ideas where to go by plane to ski from Krakow. It's time to start the ski...

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18.01.2023 | 538

Hot spot 3 days in… Brussels

Brussels, a city of many cultures, attracts lovers of art, history and ... hot chocolate. This compact capital is ideal for a short trip, and...

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08.12.2022 | 1082

Hot spot In the academic heart of Paris

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Victor Hugo and Jackie Kennedy studied here. Located in the very centre of Paris, the university, commonly known as...

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13.10.2022 | 1150

Hot spot New York: Beyond Manhattan

One of the most common mistakes tourists make is believing that everything worth seeing in New York is in Manhattan. Meanwhile, this metropolis...

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12.09.2022 | 1494

Hot spot 3 days in Lyon

Lyon is not the first choice for tourists when they want to fly to France. However, this second-largest agglomeration in the country impresses...

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07.09.2022 | 2998

Hot spot Turkish Riviera: Alanya, Belek, Side or Kemer?

Beautiful weather is here all year round and the Turkish Riviera has so much to offer. Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Side or Kemer? We suggest which...

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22.07.2022 | 10330

Hot spot 6 things to visit Newark for

For most tourists, Newark is associated only with the international airport. Located right next door, on the other side of the Hudson River,...

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06.07.2022 | 2133

Hot spot #flyKRK Ancona

Ancona and the Marche region are considered to be the essence of everything that is Italian. You can find there a Mediterranean climate, great...

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15.06.2022 | 1156

Hot spot Nowy Jork i Chicago – pomysł na rodzinne wakacje?

Nowy Jork i Chicago z dziećmi? Zwiedzanie Wielkiego Jabłka i Miasta Wiatrów w gronie rodzinnym to świetny pomysł. Oba miejsca oferują...

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30.05.2022 | 1535

Hot spot Zurich and surroundings

The tourist attractions of Zurich can be found in many guidebooks and blogs. But every so often, it is worth going beyond the clichés and...

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21.04.2022 | 2726

Hot spot Snow frenzy for the active

Are you a fan of winter and snow, and you enjoy physical activity? In that case, you are for sure wondering where to go to enjoy the frosty aura ...

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05.01.2022 | 1880

Hot spot Amsterdam #flyKRK

In the port of Amsterdam there's a sailor who sings Of the dreams that he brings from the wide open sea In the port of Amsterdam there's a...

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22.10.2021 | 1913

Hot spot Cycling through the Tri-City

Do you love the Polish sea, but the crowded beaches put you off? Or maybe it is hard for you to sit still and you prefer active recreation? Do...

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01.10.2021 | 1514

Hot spot Burgas

Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian coast and the fourth largest city in the whole country, right after Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. ...

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24.08.2021 | 2089

Hot spot Albania. Trip around Tirana

Tirana is located almost in the heart of Albania. Situated between three rivers, the city is an excellent communication junction, which is a...

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18.08.2021 | 2358

Hot spot Provence: lavender paradise

Ah, Provence... long summer, white beaches, olive groves, old wineries, small cafés like from Van Gogh's painting, and most of all - a purple...

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02.08.2021 | 2562


In Sweden, the further north, the colder it gets. If you plan to visit these areas, prepare for low temperatures. However, regardless of the...

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19.12.2019 | 4718

Hot spot BARI & Apulia. Wakacje jak z filmu

„Dokąd mnie zabierasz? Zabieram cię do Bari, kochanie” – te słowa z kultowej włoskiej komedii „Polvere di Stelle” z lat 70....

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05.11.2019 | 5654

Hot spot DONCASTER– the city of Robin Hood

Its history goes far back into the past – it is enough to mention that this is where the border of the Roman Empire ran. Today, Doncaster is a ...

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10.10.2019 | 5071

Hot spot CYPRUS. Visiting Aphrodite

One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean located much closer to Asia Minor than Europe. Thanks to its warm, mild climate and delicious...

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26.09.2019 | 5687

Hot spot Canarian happiness

Imagine volcanic islands located between Europe and Africa, with spring and summer temperatures prevailing throughout the year. Where...

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20.09.2019 | 4423

Hot spot REYKJAVIK. Fascinating North.

The capital of Iceland is much more than beautiful nature. Founded in the 9th century by a Norwegian Viking, Reykjavik also offers an...

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05.09.2019 | 3978

Hot spot ANTALYA. More than beaches

One of the most famous resorts of the Turkish Riviera has a lot to offer. Sunny weather, golden and extensive beaches as well as access to the...

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08.07.2019 | 6257

Hot spot DUBROVNIK & ZADAR. Beauty of Dalmatia.

Dubrovnik, one of the greatest places in the world, is annually visited by over one million tourists. Zadar, sometimes called “small Croatian...

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24.05.2019 | 5089

Hot spot Lake Michigan. Between metropolis and nature

The Great Lakes are a group of five lakes located on the border of the USA and Canada. They consist of Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie, Ontario, and ...

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23.02.2019 | 16491

Hot spot MELBOURNE. The best city to live in

This city seems to have everything a heart desires, from towering skyscrapers, green areas and parks, to an exceptionally attractive coast. Not...

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08.02.2019 | 4108

Hot spot Canada – 4400 km in 4 days

Canada is the second largest country in the world right after Russia, and that is why an idea to do a tour around this country in a week seems...

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24.11.2018 | 5355

Hot spot Kuala Lumpur. Where modernity meets tradition

Kuala Lumpur is a place where Western modernity intertwines with Asian tradition and culture. This city has a lot to offer to both people...

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27.09.2018 | 4046

Hot spot Paradise of colours and spices

It is a place of fine, powder-like sand, paradise beaches, clear blue water, and the scent of cloves and cinnamon in the air. Discover the...

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02.07.2018 | 4183

Hot spot Japan – between Tokyo and Osaka

With its status as the main political, cultural and entertainment centre of Japan, Tokyo is one of the country’s most famous agglomerations....

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02.05.2018 | 4373

Hot spot Brazil. Holidays in paradise.

Rainforest, the monumental statue of Christ the Redeemer, Rio carnival and football are probably the most stereotypical symbols of Brazil....

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20.03.2018 | 3248

Hot spot Destination: Cape Town

Located between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, Cape Town – the oldest city in South Africa – is a perfect travel destination for the...

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26.01.2018 | 5284

Hot spot Chengdu – the city of pandas

China is one of the most densely populated and biggest countries in the world, and therefore it is difficult to choose one place that it is...

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23.10.2017 | 4256

Hot spot At world’s end

We invite you on a trip to the farthest reaches of Europe – starting from the Lofoten archipelago, through Tromsø and up to the North...

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28.08.2017 | 3100

Hot spot Discover Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan – a country of true beauty and size – has still not been included on the list of the most popular destination spots. This might...

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27.06.2017 | 6533

Hot spot Hawaii – the heavenly state

Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states that are not directly connected with the rest of the USA. The Archipelago in the Pacific Ocean is...

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27.04.2017 | 4224

Hot spot Bangkok – an exotic spot within reach

It may seem that planning a distant trip requires a lot of effort and logistics skills. Not at all! By using convenient connections from...

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28.02.2017 | 2874