Kraków Airport Summary Of 2018 And Plans For 2019

Approval of the 2036 Master Plan, welcoming of new carriers: flydubai, Laudamotion, Transavia and Blue Air, and the 6 millionth passenger at the airport in Balice are the highlights of 2018 on Kraków Airport.

Radosław Włoszek, President of the Management Board for Kraków Airport:

"All the interesting events of 2018 were part of Małopolska’s strategy for the development of tourist and business traffic.

Key highlights include the approval of the Master Plan for Kraków Airport, a historical document setting out the directions for the development of the airport over a twenty-year period.

We are entering 2019 with the hope that it will bring us even more inspiration for work on the development and expansion of the airport. All our plans will aim to strengthen Kraków Airport’s leading position among European regional airports. The highest quality of passenger service is invariably our priority. I am confident that the development of our route network and air traffic over the coming years will raise the tourist and business importance of our region."

EVENTS 2018 

Approval of the 2036 Master Plan for Kraków Airport

Approved by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk, in the presence of the Provincial Governor of Małopolska Piotr Ćwik and the Marshal of the Małopolska Region Witold Kozłowski, the Master Plan for Kraków Airport sets directions for the development of airport infrastructure for the next two decades. The planned investments, worth about PLN 1 billion, will contribute to creating nearly 10,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

6 millionth passenger at Kraków Airport 

On 19 November, Kraków Airport became the first regional airport in Poland to have served 6 million passengers in one year. Anna, who was the 6 millionth passenger to #flyKRK, was travelling to Chicago with LOT Polish Airlines.

Kraków Airport time capsule for the 100th anniversary of Poland’s Independence 

Kraków Airport symbolically rounded off the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence by setting a time capsule under the floor of the passenger terminal. Historical information about the airport, a summary of events and children's drawings depicting visions of the airport and aviation in 100 years from now have been placed in the capsule.

Firefighter's Day on Kraków Airport 

Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting Service (LSR-G) secures all air operations (take-offs and landings) carried out on Kraków Airport. LSR-G is the only airport fire-fighting unit integrated into the National Fire and Rescue System. The banner of the Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting Service was ceremoniously blessed, and awards were presented to employees at Kraków Airport on Firefighter’s Day. 
Kraków Airport has a new Control Tower
In February, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency completed the operational launch of a new flight control tower. The new tower offers approach control service (APP), aerodrome control service (TWR) and flight information service (FIS). The total height of the building is 45.21 m and its operating room, the most modern  in Poland, is situated at an altitude of 38.68 m. The total cost of the investment is 50 million zlotys. 

Handling of the COP24 on Kraków Airport

Between 1 and 17 December 2018, Kraków Airport handled for arrivals: 50 delegations, including 11 heads of state and 27 ministerial delegations and for departures: 42 delegations, including 8 head of state delegations and 21 ministerial delegations. Most of the high-profile delegations were served using the VIP passenger path, as part of a service offered by the VIP&Business Department. A considerable number of low-profile COP24 delegates travelled on scheduled flights, using the standard passenger path. 



A total of 6,769,369 passengers were served in 2018, which is a 16% rise compared to 2017, i.e. 934,000 more passengers than in the previous year.
Like in the previous years, the most popular destinations from/to Kraków were London, Warsaw and Frankfurt. As for the popularity of the individual countries, passengers’ favourite destinations were the UK, Germany, Poland and Italy. The most popular holiday destinations were the sunny spots: Spain, Italy, Israel, Portugal and Greece.
Flights to Tenerife, Lisbon, Gran Canaria, Rome and Porto had the highest occupancy rates. Like in the previous year, July was the month with the most passengers handled – 624,695.

Between the opening of a track for transferring passengers in July and the end of 2018, 1,013 passengers changed flights on a single booking on Kraków Airport. 90% of the transfer passengers were flying to or arriving from Chicago.

In keeping with the IATA Optimum standard, the waiting time for baggage check-in was under 20 minutes for 90% of passengers, for security check under 10 minutes for 87% of passengers, and the waiting time for border control (arrivals) was under 10 minutes for 99% of passengers.

New carriers on Kraków Airport 

New carriers welcomed on Kraków Airport in 2018 are Flydubai, Laudamotion, Transavia and Blue Air. 
Thanks to them, you can now #flyKRK to Dubai, Vienna, Eindhoven and Turin.
Ryanair on Kraków Airport: the 5th anniversary of the base
In November, Kraków Airport and Ryanair celebrated the 5th anniversary of the carrier’s base on Kraków Airport, and the handling of the airline’s 20 millionth passenger. On that occasion, Ryanair launched three new routes for the 2018/2019 winter season to Amman, Lviv and Kiev.

Facilities for passengers

2018 brought a number of new solutions to make travel and rest on Kraków Airport more comfortable. New customer services such as a pharmacy and a Costa Coffee store were opened in the terminal. A new self-service printer available at the information desk has been very popular with passengers.

Aviation Education Centre

2018 marked further development of the Aviation Education Centre, a nationally unique educational centre designed to educate children and young people in how airports work and are organised. The centre was attended by 11,071 participants. Popular events included Aviation Academy, workshops for children with a travelling theatre show and holiday aviation camps.

Junior travellers

An educational zone for children has been organised on the mezzanine of the passenger terminal, featuring a map of the disappearing world, a symphony of planets, helicopter and airplane mock-ups and a What You Can Carry in Your Hand Luggage puzzle.

Kraków Airport’s innovative projects

Kraków Airport is the first airport in Poland to have a fast charging station for electric cars, which allows you to charge a standard car in 
30 minutes. The charging infrastructure is available for residents, tourists and entrepreneurs visiting the Kraków area, as well as drivers travelling on the A4 motorway. The project has been carried out in cooperation with companies from the Tauron Group.

Another project has involved the replacement of car park lighting on Kraków Airport with energy-saving LED lighting.  The project was possible thanks to partnership with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


According to Kraków Airport’s forecasts, 7.9 million passengers will be served in 2019, a number consistent with the airport’s strategy for the development of the route network and the growth of passenger traffic.
Already this year, passengers will be able to fly to Tel Aviv, Olsztyn, Bucharest 
and Dubrovnik with LOT Polish Airlines. Also, flight frequency on the Kraków-Chicago route will be increased up to three flights in the peak of the summer 2019 season. In April, a Laudamotion connection to Stuttgart will be opened.

Also in April, our base carrier Ryanair will start operating from Kraków directly to Bordeaux, Berlin Tegel, Catania, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Szczecin, Bari, Rimini, Thessaloniki and Zadar.

Kraków will also become Wizz Air’s 26th and newest base in Poland. The carrier’s first airliner will come to our airport in May, and the second in September this year. Wizz Air will offer Kraków Airport passengers 12 routes to London, Kiev, Nice, Turku, Doncaster, Bari, Billund, Catania, Larnaca, Kharkiv, Oslo and Kutaisi.

The key investment processes for 2019 include construction of a new runway, renovation of the oldest part of the apron and, as provided for in the Master Plan, expansion of the passenger terminal and construction of a new cargo terminal.

More facilities for passengers are planned, such as new playgrounds, a SPA corner (with manicure and massage services) in the departure area, and a store.
On 20-22 May 2019, Kraków Airport will host the 12th edition of ACI Europe's Regional Airports Conference and Exhibition - a prestigious event of the aviation industry. The conference will discuss key challenges facing the aviation industry, as well as the latest trends. It will be attended by delegates, experts from more than 25 countries, representatives of airports and airport operators, also from outside Europe.