Pre flight check

Passenger path

To find your way around the airport, we encourage you to use the free Kraków Airport app which can point you from where you are standing (within the airport) to where you would like to go.



  • Before departure from Kraków Airport, you need to come up to a check-in desk assigned to your flight to collect your boarding pass, which you will need to continue your travel, and to check in your hold baggage.
  • Passengers can check in their baggage six hours before the scheduled departure time, at the self-service desks numbered 17 and 18 flying with Ryanair. Passengers flying with Wizz Air at stands 15 and 16, and with PLL LOT 13 and 14.

  • There is an airport information desk in the check-in area. Our staff will do their best to answer your questions regarding travel as well as services and facilities available in the terminal.
  • Map of Kraków Airport terminal + marked check-in area + marked airport information desk.


Passengers who have checked in online and are travelling with hand luggage only can proceed directly to security check.

Security check:

  • For travellers’ convenience, a display screen has been placed before the security check to show current information about the volume of traffic at the security check. To go through security check smoothly, you need to show up there early enough. To reduce the time needed to pass through security check, you should prepare for it – more information about security check can be found here.

Border control (for flights outside the Schengen area):

  • Border control is where your documents enabling you to travel to a country outside the Schengen area are checked. When preparing for border control, remember to have all your documents (such as your national ID card or passport) within a hand’s reach, to ensure the check goes smoothly.
  •  Map of Kraków Airport terminal + marked border control point 


  • The airport has 18 gates through which passengers can board the planes. 
    Information from which gate your flight will be operated and at what time you should show up can be obtained from the check-in desk, the airport information desk, the display screens in the terminal building beyond security check and from the Kraków Airport app. 
  • Gate numbers are displayed on screens behind security control, for Schengen flights 60 minutes before departure, for Non-Schengen flights 180 minutes before departure.
  • To make the boarding process as smooth as possible, please have your boarding pass ready and your identity document opened on the photo page.
  • Map of Kraków Airport terminal + marked restricted area and gate numbers 


Arrival at Kraków Airport:

  • When you arrive at Kraków Airport, you will get to the terminal building through a jetway, by bus or on foot. Passengers arriving from countries outside the Schengen area are directed to a document control checkpoint. When preparing for border control, remember to have all your documents (such as your national ID card or passport) within a hand’s reach, to ensure the check goes smoothly.
  • When arriving from the Schengen countries and the European Economic Area, you will enter directly into the baggage claim area.
  • Screens in the baggage claim area will display the number of the carousel on which baggage from a specific flight will be delivered. 
  • All oversized baggage such as: prams, skis etc., as well as animals, can be picked up from the oversized baggage desk located near Lost Baggage Offices.
  • Map of Kraków Airport terminal + marked document control point and baggage claim concourse

The ABC gates can be used (all conditions must be met):

  • citizens of EU, EEA or Swiss countries,
  • having a biometric document (in the case of Poland, a passport or a biometric ID is accepted, in the case of other countries only a biometric passport),
  • who are over 18 years of age and there is no minor under their care during the trip,
  • are between 120 and 220 cm tall (condition resulting from the technical solution and the scope of the camera operation).​
  • additionally, from February 15, 2023, the ABC gates upon arrival can also be used by children who are 12 years old and over 140 cm tall and have a biometric document.



  • At Kraków Airport, transfer between flights is only possible for passengers arriving from the Schengen area and the European Economic Area, who have a boarding pass and are travelling with hand baggage only (or with registered baggage checked to the final destination), transferring to any flight.
  • Passengers transferring to their next flight at Kraków Airport should follow the ‘Transfer’ signage immediately after entering the terminal building.
  • Before proceeding to the departure area, make sure you have a boarding pass for your next flight.
  • Map of Kraków Airport terminal + marked directions for the transfer track