Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy sets out the rules concerning the processing and protection of personal data provided by users in connection with the use of the website available within the domain.

Data Collection and Usage

1. Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Kraków-Balice sp. z o.o. collects and processes personal data of website users (hereinafter: User) provided in electronic forms available on the website in accordance with the rules presented below.

2. The data is controlled by Międzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Kraków-Balice sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Balice at the following address: 32-083 Balice, ul. Kpt. M. Medweckiego 1, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs under KRS number: 0000008522 (records kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register), NIP number: 676-13-36-952, REGON number: 351117055, with a share capital of PLN 101,232,000.00 (hereinafter: Data Controller).

3. The website collects information about users and their behaviour in the following way:

  • through voluntary provision of data in electronic forms;
  • through cookie files (“cookies”) saved on users’ devices;
  • through data collected by Google Analytics;
  • hrough data downloaded from server logs.

4. All data collected is processed in accordance with the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

5. By providing their personal data, which is entirely voluntary, the User agrees to the collection and processing of the data.

6. The person whose data is collected has the right to access and amend the content of their personal data. To use this right, the User has to contact the Data Controller

Electronic Forms Data

1. The website collects information provided voluntarily by the User, including data entered into the following forms: VIP Service reservation, contact form for sending queries to the Airport Information at:, form for reporting threats on the premises of the airport and in its vicinity to:

Inquiries to the Airport Information can now be sent not by e-mail but via the INFO24 form

2. The data provided in the forms is not shared with third parties unless agreed to by the User.

3.The data provided in the forms is processed for the purpose of the respective form, i.e.: to reserve the VIP Service, to report a threat on the premises of the airport or in its vicinity, to answer a query sent by the User through the contact form.

Passive Data Collection

1 According to the practices followed by most websites, the Data Controller stores HTTP requests sent to the web server of the website. The viewed resources are identified by URL addresses.  A detailed list of information stored in the web server logs is presented below:

  • public IP address of the requesting computer (it may be the User’s computer);
  • client station name – identification by HTTP protocol, if possible;
  • username entered in the authorisation process;
  • timestamp of the query;
  • first HTTP request line;
  • HTTP response code;;
  • number of bytes sent by the server;
  • URL address of the page previously visited by the User (referrer link), if the transition to the Office website was made via a link;
  • information on the User’s browser;
  • information on errors that occurred during the HTTP transaction.

2. The data referred to in section 1 is not associated with specific persons browsing the Kraków Airport website, except for the VIP Service reservation form and the contact form sent to In order to ensure the best possible quality of the website, log files are occasionally analysed to determine which websites are most frequently visited, which browsers are used, whether the site structure contains any errors, etc. This is done through Google Analytics.

3. The collected logs are stored for an indefinite period of time as an aid used in the website administration process. The information contained in these logs is not disclosed to anyone other than the persons authorised to administer the server and the network of the Data Controller.

Cookies Information

1. The website uses cookies.

2. Cookies are small text files sent by the visited website and stored on the user’s device (computer, laptop, smartphone) that is used by the User to browse them.

3. Thanks to cookies, visiting websites is easier and more convenient, and the content, such as texts, images, polls and surveys, as well as advertisements, is better matched to the expectations and preferences of each Internet user.

4. The User may manage cookies on their own by:

  • accepting cookies, which allows you to use all of the options offered by websites;
  • managing cookies on a site-by-site basis;
  • selecting settings for different kinds of cookies, e.g. accepting persistent cookies as session cookies etc.;
  • blocking or deleting cookies.

Changes to Privacy Policy

1. The Data Controller reserves the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy at any given time.

2. All modifications to the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies by the Data Controller will be available on this website.

Final Provisions

1. The Privacy Policy is effective as of the date of its publication on the website. 

2. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy and the use of cookies by the website, please contact us at