Disturbed flights

Should your flight encounter difficulties (i.e. be cancelled, redirected or delayed), you will be assisted by the carrier. Therefore the following applies:

  • The information about difficulties is provided by the carrier by means of a text message, an e-mail or a notification sent through a mobile app. You can obtain up-to-date information about your flight status or alternative means of transportation by directly contacting the airlines.
  • Should landing in Kraków prove impossible, the decision to redirect the plane to another airport and the choice of airport shall be up to the carrier. The carrier is also responsible for deciding whether passengers should wait on a plane that will fly to Kraków Airport or be transferred by bus from an airport to Kraków Airport.
  • Should the flight be cancelled before you get to the airport, you should contact the carrier or agent from whom you purchased the ticket in order to change your booking, decide on an alternative route or get a refund. If this is the case, you are not required to come to the airport.
  • Should your flight be cancelled when you are already at the airport, you should change your booking by contacting the carrier (through the application, airlines’ website or carrier's call centre) or directly at the airport, following instructions from the personnel in charge of your flight. In case of long-term difficulties, queues to passenger service desks may be longer than usual. Please note that you can manage your booking independently through electronic channels indicated above;
  • Should your flight be cancelled, substantially delayed or redirected to another airport, the carrier will provide help to passengers during the waiting period. To obtain information about food vouchers and accommodation available before your flight or transfer to the place of accommodation or the new airport of departure, please contact the personnel in charge of your flight. To learn more about your rights, please visit: https://pasazerlotniczy.ulc.gov.pl/en/passenger-s-rights


Airport personnel makes every effort to keep the impact of air-traffic difficulties to a minimum and supports carriers in keeping passengers informed in the following manner:

  • Website and mobile application, where you can check regularly updated flight statuses based on data provided by carriers;
  • Call Centre: available 24/7: +48 12 295 58 00, 801 055 000 (landline only);
  • Punkty informacji lotniskowej oraz personel Need Help;
  • Airport information desks and the Need Help staff;