VirtuAir Reality

VirtuAir Reality - designing the future in aviation professions using
the virtual reality of the airport


The project aims to develop vocational training in the aeronautical sector by preparing, evaluating and implementing innovative vocational training activities for pupils and students using virtual reality, creating a forum for vocational training for all stakeholders, developing material for teachers and guidance counsellors and organizing a conference for recent group.


The project is both a response to the public's strong interest in aviation and the lack of practical expertise in the field of airport vocational training, and a response to the economic and social needs of the rapidly growing air transport sector.


The audience consists of children, young people, students and adults, including teachers and careers advisors. The vocational learning activities prepared will use the CEL facilities and the VR stations specially prepared for the project, where work will be presented in a restricted area of the airport. A vocational forum will present jobs in the aviation sector, including the required skills or career paths. The educational materials will provide teachers and counsellors with valuable ideas, and the project results will be presented to them at a special conference. The project will increase public awareness of employment opportunities in the aviation sector, and the quality of vocational training in aviation will be improved.