• Project meeting at Kraków Airport Aviation Education Center

    June 2023

    For two days in June, the Kraków Airport Aviation Education Center was visited by our partners, including guests from Isavia. During these intense days, we had many meetings and training sessions, including a meeting with the President of the Board and the Director of the Commercial Division.  We also went out to various areas of the airport. Isavia's employees had a great opportunity to discover how Kraków Airport operates. Each of the partners presented the results of their work on the project so far, and we agreed on the next steps. You will see their effects soon!

  • Vocational classes

    May 2023

    One of the concepts of our project is the preparation of professional classes about the aviation industry! The first implementation is behind us! Through various tasks, activities, and presentations, we familiarized our guests with the knowledge of working at the airport. The classes lasted six hours, and we had the oppurtunity to get to know most of the areas of airport work.



  • Małopolski Festiwal Zawodów at Tauron Arena

    April 2023

    During the two-day Career Festival, which took place at the Krakow Expo, the Kraków Airport Aviation Education Center Team encouraged young people to enter the exciting world of aviation by informing about the project! Look for us at other picnics as well!

  • Aviation Career Fair

    March 2023

    During the Airport Career Fair, organized by Kraków Airport Aviation Education Center, we presented the specifics of the airport's work: who works at the airport and what are the tasks of individual departments and units.

    Thanks to the six-hour panel, we had the opportunity to get to know many spheres of the airport. During the fair, we also talked to our partners.

    Do you want to know what's going on in the project? Watch our video from the Career Fair!

  • Interview with Isavia in Airside magazine

    December 2022

    Issue 4/2022 of the quarterly "Airside", published by the Kraków Airport Aviation Education Center Team, is dedicated to Iceland. It includes an interview with our Icelandic partners and information about the project! Want to know more? Read our magazine online!

  • Project meeting in Icealnd

    May 2022

    We held our first project meeting! Iceland impressed everyone with its views, but we were also thrilled with the organization of work at local airports. During the meeting, we exchanged experiences and ideas for the implementation of the project.

    Isavia's employees familiarized us with the specifics of working at Icelandic airports, with an emphasis on competences, tasks, and responsibilities at individual positions, as well as the principles of staff training. There was also very fruitful work on the project - now we are entering the concept phase! The project team organized an Airport Career Fair, where they presented the specifics of airport work to the public.

  • VirtuAir Reality launched!

    February 2022

    Let’s get started! The project has signed partnership agreements with several organizations, including Isavia, the Icelandic airport authority.

    Along with all partners, we are starting an extraordinary adventure!