Pre flight check

Security control

Before you enter your gate a security control of your person and hand luggage takes place

  • Every passenger has to remove metal objects before passing through a metal detector frame. If you are carrying liquids with you, you must put the cointainers with liquids in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which is to be shown to the security personnel.
  • Please note the permissible maximum size of hand luggage. There are no international standards for hand luggage. The weight and size vary depending on the airline, class and route. 
  • You should also note the security regulations for hand luggage and liquids.
  • If you are prepared before passing airport security, the process is smooth and fast.


Suggestions before airport security

  • Have your boarding card ready to show when you reach the document control point just before airport security.
  • Place your hand baggage in one of the plastic boxes used at airport security - remove from you hand baggage any liquids, liquid medicines, special dietary food and baby food that you have with you.
  • If you are wearing coat or jacket, in accordance with local requirements you need to place them in a plastic box.
  • Do not carry any loose objects in your pockets - remove keys, coins or mobile phones.
  • If you have a belt with a large buckle or are wearing large pieces of jewelry, remove them as well as they can set off the metal detector.
  • Remove laptop computers and other types of bigger electronic equipment from any cases and place them on the conveyor belt.
  • Depending on the airport, you may be asked to remove your shoes and place them on the conveyor belt.
  • You may be asked by Security Checkpoint Officer to open your luggage for detailed search.
  • Any objects unauthorized in air transport that are found in your possession will be requisitioned.
  • The airport does not store such items.


Security check point - additional facilities

Special Service Line - shortening the waiting time for control, thus increasing the comfort of passengers requiring special care. Intended for:

  • persons with reduced mobility,
  • women in an advanced stage of pregnancy,
  • families with children up to 2 years.

Fast Track is a priority passage to the security checkpoint dedicated to departing passengers, intended for:

  • First and Business Class passengers,
  • Star Alliance HON Circle & Gold / One World Emerald & Spphire /  Sky Team Elite Plus card holders,
  • Kraków Airport Loyalty Prestige members
  • Finnair passengers holding a Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo, Platinum, Gold, Silver card
  • Ryanair passengers with Flexi Plus tariff purchased.
  • EasyJet passenger with the easyJet plus card added to the boarding pass
  • EasyJet passenger with Flexi tariff purchased
  • Luxair passenger with Fast Lane Access tariff purchased
  • FlyDubai Passenger with Skywards Gold/Platinium holders