at the airport

TAX Refund

The Global Blue service is available in the exchange office at the check-in counters.

The exchange office at the check-in desks is open from 1:15 to 18:00


3 easy steps for a safe refund!
As a traveler residing in a non-EU country you are entitled to claim back the VAT/GST on your purchases when you bring them home.
So whilst shopping in many of the world's most exciting stores collaborating with Global Blue Tax free Shopping you can save money, to make your trip even more rewarding.

Shop where you see the Global Blue Tax Free Shopping logo and simply ask for your Tax Free Refund Cheque.

Show your purchases, Tax Free Refund Cheque and receipts, and passport at the EU border then have your Global Blue Cheque stamped by Customs Officer. It must be stamped within 3 months from month of purchase.

Collect your refund in cash in Currency Exchange (Interchange) at the airport or at nearby Cash Refund Office no later than 7 months after the month of purchase.

The VAT/GST rate in our country: 5%, 8%, 23%
Please ask your shop assistant for exact VAT rate on the goods you are purchasing.
Your refund amount  is VAT/GST minus administration fee. The amount will be entered on your Refund Cheque at our Cash Refund Office, only.

Minimum spending amount (VAT/GST included): 200 PLN

You are entitled to the refund only if the Refund Cheque is filled in properly and validated by customs.