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At Kraków Airport, we have been providing and perfecting our VIP service for over fifty years. The VIP Terminal is a place where services are tailored to the needs of passengers. Comfortable and spacious interiors, assistance by discreet and professional staff and our catering offer will make your travel experience unique and unforgettable. In addition, to ensure greater privacy or to hold a meeting at the airport, you can book our suite .

We understand how unique each of your journeys is and we make every effort to make it smooth, so that the great experience stays in your memory for long.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Kraków Airport.

Efficient, discreet and professional 

The VIP service is designed for those looking for a professional service and smooth travel. 

The way to travel comfortably from Krakow Airport is: the ability to limit the time you spend at the airport without skipping the passenger route in the passenger terminal; personalised pre- and post-flight passenger care, efficient ticket, customs and passport handling and security control; assistance with baggage check-in and collection; Travel from/to the plane by a Lexus limousine; cozy, modern interior for waiting time; assistance with the completion of formalities related to airport operations; organization of flowers, catering and other services according to your needs.

Start or end your travel at Kraków Airport with us and the memory of the great experience will stay with you and your guests for long.

Arrival, Transfer / Transit

  1. Passenger is welcomed by a VIP employee by the plane
  2. Private transfer by a Lexus limousine from the plane to the VIP Terminal
  3. Passport control, customs control (if required) at a dedicated point in the VIP Terminal.
  4. Wait for your baggage/next flight, relaxing with a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne in the VIP Terminal.
  5. Departure from the VIP terminal car park/departure from the VIP terminal to the plane at your convenience.


  1. Arrival at the parking lot of the VIP Terminal
  2. Check-in procedures handled in the dedicated point in the VIP Terminal (if required)
  3. Wait for departure, relax with a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne
  4. Security check (customs, passport, if required) prior departure at a special point in the VIP Terminal
  5. Private transfer by a Lexus Limousine to the plane

If you wish to use a similar service at the next stages of your journey, we encourage you to use the VIP service at other international airports (members of the World Airports' VIP Forum)