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Be my guest Budapest – a city for everyone

Hungary is a country usually associated with sun, wine and holiday at Lake Balaton. The thing that draws Poles to this country, apart from the...

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Photo Bird’s-eye view

While flying his moto-paraglider, Bartłomiej Cichoń explores pristine places accessible only by few. Kraków's Nowa Huta in his photographs...

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20.04.2018 | 49

Dossier Dubai – a city of dreams and luxury

A wonderful city of the future that is surrounded on one side by the waters of the Persian Gulf, and on the other by the hot sands of the Rub'...

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Airport Flash CSR – Kraków Airport doceniony

Społeczna odpowiedzialność Kraków Airport została doceniona. Krakowskie lotnisko po raz piąty znalazło się w gronie firm, których...

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Airport Flash

Easter time is drawing near to put an end to winter sleep, so we all wake up to keep pace with...

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30.03.2018 | 0

Airport Flash Kraków Airport’s map of engagement

In addition to a route map, Kraków Airport is also the owner of the “map of engagement”. The airport website includes a map featuring all...

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Manchester – the capital of diversity



Venice full of dark secrets


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Business zone Houses of the future available today

Smart houses have gone a long way – from futuristic concepts and expensive gadgets to systems available to a growing consumer group. What are...

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Business and science Bus lanes

Nowadays, business and science are two worlds which frequently cooperate and merge, creating innovative solutions in numerous areas – public...

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Business news Kraków a hit in tourism

At the request of the City Office of Kraków the research examining the effect of World Youth Day on the city’s economy was...

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