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Travel Italian way of doing business

The Italian economy is based on industry, agriculture, luxury goods and tourism. National capital is one of the biggest in the world, with HDI,...

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15.02.2019 | 40

Hot spot Melbourne. The best city to live in

This city seems to have everything a heart desires, from towering skyscrapers, green areas and parks, to an exceptionally attractive coast. Not...

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08.02.2019 | 94

Be my guest A walk through London

After a few years of living in London, we have come to a conclusion that it would take a lifetime to get to know this city. We especially like...

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25.01.2019 | 370

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Airport Flash Nowości w terminalu

W styczniu pasażerowie mogli po raz pierwszy wziąć udział w bezpłatnych ćwiczeniach oddechowo-ruchowych przygotowujących pasażerów do...

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08.02.2019 | 71

Airport Flash HI – TECH na służbie

W styczniu mogliśmy zobaczyć na krakowskim lotnisku ćwiczenia - przygotowane przez Zespół Interwencji Specjalnych Placówki Straży...

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08.02.2019 | 59

Airport Flash Rok 2018 w Kraków Airport

Zatwierdzenie Planu Generalnego 2036, powitanie nowych przewoźników, takich jak: flydubai, Laudamotion, Transavia i Blue Air oraz 6-milionowy...

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10.01.2019 | 359


Budapest – a city for everyone



Venice full of dark secrets


All Business zone Biznes and science Business news

Business and science Virtual reality, real business

Snowflakes are swirling around and an icy wind is blowing. You are climbing a steep mountain slope. In the distance, you can already see the...

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22.01.2019 | 195

Business zone Cybersecurity – the challenge of the 21st century

Although cybersecurity is naturally associated with fighting cybercrime, it is not only limited to this issue. Its definition covers the...

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08.01.2019 | 252

Business zone The phenomenon of start-ups in Kraków

Enormous business potential, developing BPO/SSC/ITO sectors and prestigious scientific bodies. Now, Kraków can also add a flourishing star-up...

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16.11.2018 | 251