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Be my guest Athens – contemporary and vibrant

Athens is most often associated with a city that is rich in numerous ancient monuments. However, the capital of Greece is more than that as it...

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10.07.2018 | 59

Dossier Creative cities. Cities of Gastronomy.

Among 180 creative cities of UNESCO network, 26 are the cities of Gastronomy. #flyKRK and visit not that obvious seafood...

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Hot spot Paradise of colours and spices

It is a place of fine, powder-like sand, paradise beaches, clear blue water, and the scent of cloves and cinnamon in the air. Discover the...

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Airport Flash #flyKRK to Chicago twice a week

Starting today, passnegers can fly to Chicago directly from Kraków twice a week. LOT will be offering Monday and Friday flights on this route,...

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Bez kategorii Sztandar Lotniskowej Służby Ratowniczo – Gaśniczej

Przypadający w tym roku Jubileusz 100-lecia odzyskania Niepodległości i 40-lecia pontyfikatu św. Jana Pawła II, patrona krakowskiego...

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11.06.2018 | 0

Airport Flash #PROSTOzKRAKOWA do Budapesztu

Od 28 kwietnia pasażerowie korzystają z połączenia prosto z Krakowa do Budapesztu. Do końca sezonu letniego, czyli do 27 października...

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Budapest – a city for everyone



Venice full of dark secrets


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Business zone Małopolska’s recipe for innovations in business

A rehabilitation robot for children, a 3D printer, a smoke ventilation system for staircases and innovative aircrafts are the awarded projects...

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19.07.2018 | 0

Business news Without a visa to the US?

If Poland is admitted to the Visa Waiver program, Poles will be able to travel to the United States only with a...

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Business news New business specialization – a wider perspective

Cracow University of Economics has initiated an educational project that will allow students to learn about and start cooperation with many...

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