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Koziołki, międzynarodowe targi, rogale świętomarcińskie? To pierwsze skojarzenia związane z Poznaniem. Jednak miasto z ponad 1000-letnią...

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09.11.2022 | 165

Be my guest Toulouse. An undiscovered gem in the south of France

Occitania, a picturesque region of France located between the Pyrenees and Provence, still remains little known and mysterious. A great place...

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28.10.2022 | 173

Hot spot In the academic heart of Paris

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Victor Hugo and Jackie Kennedy studied here. Located in the very centre of Paris, the university, commonly known as...

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13.10.2022 | 235


Airport Flash Winter 2022/23 – see the map!

Traditionally, the new aviation season – Winter 2022/23 begins on the last weekend of October. This winter, passengers will have 119 flight...

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02.11.2022 | 38

Airport Flash ACI Customer Experience Global Summit w Krakowie

W połowie września w Krakowie, liderzy branży lotniczej zebrali się na najważniejszej na świecie imprezie, poświęconej jakości obsługi ...

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20.09.2022 | 37

Airport Flash What is new in the terminal?

The summer season has started, and along with it, new amenities for passengers have appeared in the...

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22.06.2022 | 676


Riga – make yourself at home



Kiev – the city of golden domes


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Business zone Cracow University of Economics – study in Kraków

Study in Kraków. Kraków is becoming more and more attractive place on the world map of universities. Cracow University of Economics is the...

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19.07.2022 | 402

Good practice Kraków Airport with aid for Ukraine

The information about the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine encouraged Kraków Airport employees, together with the management and...

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05.07.2022 | 441

Good practice How to travel responsibly

As defined by the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism considers present and future economic impacts, social and environmental...

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26.05.2022 | 448