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Hot spot #flyKRK Ancona

Ancona and the Marche region are considered to be the essence of everything that is Italian. You can find there a Mediterranean climate, great...

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15.06.2022 | 84

Zoom Małopolska – the flavours of the sun and earth

We invite you to the next episode of the series "Małopolska: all the senses". This time, feel how it tastes – with centuries-old tradition,...

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07.06.2022 | 141

Hot spot Nowy Jork i Chicago – pomysł na rodzinne wakacje?

Nowy Jork i Chicago z dziećmi? Zwiedzanie Wielkiego Jabłka i Miasta Wiatrów w gronie rodzinnym to świetny pomysł. Oba miejsca oferują...

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30.05.2022 | 169


Airport Flash What is new in the terminal?

The summer season has started, and along with it, new amenities for passengers have appeared in the...

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22.06.2022 | 60

Airport Flash New routes in June

At the beginning of June, two new connections were launched: Wizz Air to Abu Dhabi (AUH) and LOT Polish Airlines to New York (Newark...

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12.06.2022 | 30

Airport Flash VirtuAir Reality at Kraków Airport

The project "VirtuAir Reality - designing the future in aviationprofessions using the virtual reality of the airport" is the new child of the...

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15.05.2022 | 35


Riga – make yourself at home



Kiev – the city of golden domes


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Business news Let’s talk about cities

"Transforming our cities for a better urban future" is the slogan of the WUF11 World Urban Forum, which will take place in Katowice at the end...

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06.06.2022 | 112

Good practice How to travel responsibly

As defined by the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism considers present and future economic impacts, social and environmental...

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26.05.2022 | 126

Business zone Study in Kraków – Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in the world. Founded in 1364, it has constantly been developing, gaining the interest ...

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16.05.2022 | 129