Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are there airline ticket counters at Kraków Airport and does my airline have a call centre?

    Airlines that have their ticket counters at Kraków Airport are listed at, tab: Passenger/Services: Aviation Services. Contact information regarding a given airline can be found on their website or acquired by contacting the Airport Information at: +48 12 295 5800 and +48 801 055 000.

  • Can I bring a guide dog aboard the plane?

    All airlines are required to allow guide dogs accompanying their owners aboard their planes, in the passenger cabin. If you have any doubts, please contact your airline. Contact details of your airline can be obtained by calling the Airport Information at: +48 12 295 5800 and +48 801 055 000.

  • Can I bring a kitten in a basket aboard the plane?

    Most standard restrictions do not include small pets (up to 6-8 kg) transported in the passenger cabin. However, you must prenotify your airline that you wish to bring a pet aboard the plane as the number of passengers travelling with animals is limited. To obtain detailed information, please contact your airline or the Airport Information (available 24 hours a day) at: +48 12 295 5800 and +48 801 055 000.

  • Do low-cost airlines transport animals?

    Low-cost airlines operating at Kraków Airport, i.e. Ryanair, Easy Jet,, Norwegian and Eurowings all have different regulations concerning animal transport aboard their planes. Below, is the summary of regulations concerning animal transport adopted by low-cost airlines operating at Kraków Airport: Ryanair does not allow any animals aboard the plane except for guide dogs. Similarly, Easy Jet does not allow any animals aboard the plane either, except for guide dogs. only allows animals aboard domestic flights in Great Britain. Therefore, it is impossible to transport an animal (even a guide dog) when flying from or to Kraków. Norwegian does allow animals aboard their planes but they are put in special cages or containers and transported in the cargo hold. Eurowings transports pets (cats or dogs) up to 8 kg and only in the passenger cabin. The animal must be put in a cage that allows it to move freely during flight.

  • How long before departure does the check-in begin?

    Airlines operating at Kraków Airport usually begin checking passengers in (i.e. check-in) two hours before the scheduled departure. However, the time may change so please read the general terms and conditions of a given carrier or contact the Airport Information at: +48 12 295 5800 and +48 801 055 000.

  • How long before the departure do I need to show at the gate so that I may board my plane?

    The gate closing time differs and depends on the carrier. Please read the official terms and conditions of your airline. We suggest that you arrive at the departure hall at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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