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Photo Amsterdam

„Niektórzy przyjezdni uważają, ze Amsterdam to miasto grzechu, ale prawda jest taka, że to miasto wolności. A w wolności wielu odnajduje ...

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14.05.2024 | 916

Photo Helsinki – białe miasto Północy

Helsinki nazywane są "córką Bałtyku", bo znajdują się na samym czubku zatoki fińskiej. Helsinki to także "białe miasto Północy", ze...

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12.02.2024 | 632

Photo Athens – all shades of white

Zdjęcia Aten autorstwa Matthijsa Koka emanują minimalizmem, miękkim światłem i stonowanymi paletami kolorów, zachowując jednocześnie...

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25.07.2023 | 1184

Photo Colours of Istanbul

Istanbul has many colors. White, gold or blue of unusual mosques with minarets reaching the sky, the dark silhouette of the monumental building...

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21.04.2023 | 1656

Photo Christmas in Europe

Christmas markets in Europe - full of lights, Christmas decorations and scents are an inseparable part of the December landscape. It is worth...

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17.12.2022 | 1685

Photo Berlin – the city of cotrasts

"Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza you can imagine" - this is how David Bowie accurately put the spirit of this city in the 1970s....

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04.08.2022 | 1197

Photo Wild Iceland

Wild Iceland. Hvítserkur rock – a solitary basalt rock in northwest Iceland. Its shape resembles a dragon, drinking water. Vestrahorn...

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11.05.2022 | 1685

Photo Tatra Mountains. The road to Morskie Oko.

In search of winter, it is worth going to the mountains. The road to Morskie Oko - the whole world, wrapped in a snow blanket, goes silent. ...

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19.01.2022 | 2028


The northern Italian land seduces with picturesque lakes and forests, rocky alpine peaks and vineyards spread out on the hills slopes. It is...

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16.12.2021 | 1750

Photo Agadir and its surroundings

The port city in southern Morocco boasts a long sandy beach, with the sun shining there 300 days a year. Although it was ruined by an earthquake ...

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29.10.2021 | 4192

Photo Incredibile Porto

Situated just above the mouth of the Douro River into the vast Atlantic, branching over an area of more than 40 kilometres and with a population ...

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23.07.2021 | 2034

Photo Malopolska – a beautiful corner

The Małopolska region has been a perfect spot for both filmmakers and photographers for years. Mountains, waterfalls, spaces, beautiful nature, ...

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01.01.2021 | 2872

Photo Warsaw. The city of lights and shadows

Warsaw can captivate you at any time of the day. When the sun goes down, the city seduces you with the flickering lights of buildings, street...

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13.11.2020 | 4359

Photo KRAKÓW. A magical walk

The capital of Małopolska is famous for its unique atmosphere. The best way to see it? Get lost among the multitude of cafés, antique shops...

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31.08.2020 | 2843

Photo Lockdown

Zamknięcie w połowie marca granic i wprowadzenie stanu zagrożenia epidemicznego, poskutkowało całkowitym wstrzymaniem komercyjnych...

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07.05.2020 | 2347

Photo Tromsø – Light of the north

Located behind the Arctic Circle, Norwegian Tromsø was the starting point for many polar expeditions. Currently, tourists, travellers and...

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06.03.2020 | 3673

Photo Kraków – city that attracts

The capital of Małopolska successfully cherishes the rich Polish tradition, while constantly looking to the future. A stay in Kraków is an...

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26.12.2019 | 5638

Photo NEW YORK. Discovering America

A plan for the Big Apple? A picnic on the grass with a view of Manhattan, a ferry to Staten Island, a ride to Top of the Rock, a walk over the...

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18.10.2019 | 3643


A true kingdom of colours, music and flavours. This amazing country in west-north Africa is full of fascinating stories and unique...

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16.08.2019 | 3099

Photo Georgia. Secrets of the Caucasus

Located on the border of Europe and Asia, the country stunns with the beauty of nature and charms with hospitality. In a relatively small area,...

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25.07.2019 | 3387

Photo Australia. Animal kingdom

Contrary to what one may think, not all animals in Sydney in Australia will try to kill you – some will even let you pet...

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26.04.2019 | 3560

Photo New Zealand. A country of long, white cloud.

Aotearoa, because that's what New Zealand is called, means in a local Maori language, "a country of long, white cloud." Picturesqueness and...

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08.03.2019 | 6558

Photo ANTARCTICA. Ice desert

Antarctica, seemingly a land of white and cold, can enchant with thousands of shades of blue and turquoise. One of the interesting places is the ...

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22.12.2018 | 6252

Photo Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is located at 2400 m above sea level, which means that it is often sunk in the clouds. And that was exactly the weather we...

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20.10.2018 | 4175

Photo MADAGASKAR. Red island

Madagascar is a "red island" inhabited by the ricefarming Malagasy. Their lives have changed little since the times described by Arkady Fiedler...

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16.09.2018 | 6358

Photo Faces of Provence

Provence is a place of many facets and offers a truly unique blend of three totally different identities: the Mediterranean Sea, Camargue and...

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02.09.2018 | 3248

Photo White and blue Santorini

Santorini - in Ewa Kudłaty photographs this Greek paradise is full of antique peacefulness and pure...

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06.05.2018 | 6290

Photo Bird’s-eye view

While flying his moto-paraglider, Bartłomiej Cichoń explores pristine places accessible only by few. Kraków's Nowa Huta in his photographs...

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20.04.2018 | 4128

Photo Dubai – city of fog and sand

Dubai – a city full of contrasts, which, although associated with glamor and splendour, still remains a hazy, wild, and almost undiscovered...

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27.02.2018 | 4719

Photo Polanscapes – the richness of lanscapes

The pictures taken by Polandscapes duo, whose aim is to document the beauty of Poland, present the most beautiful landscapes of The High...

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02.02.2018 | 4255

Photo Space Odyssey

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is not only a space flight programme that allowed humanity to set their feet on the...

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20.11.2017 | 3223

Photo Nanga Parbat, 1985

The photographs show an expedition to Nanga Parbat from 1985, organized by Alpine Club in Kraków, led by Paweł...

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28.08.2017 | 6698

Photo From the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf

The featured photos come from “From the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf” series that was created during trips to Portugal, Hungary, Georgia,...

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28.06.2017 | 3618

Photo The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is a haven for those who are ready to give up comfortable civilizational habits. Its rivers are often the main means of...

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27.04.2017 | 4314

Photo Lifepackers

Next to Thamel, the bustling tourist centre of Kathmandu, one can find a mural showing a couple of working elderly people dressed in traditional ...

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28.02.2017 | 4382