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Airport Flash Podsumowanie roku 2023 r. w Kraków Airport

Rok 2023 zakończyliśmy historycznym wynikiem:  jako pierwszy port regionalny obsłużyliśmy ponad 9 milionów pasażerów w ciągu jednego...

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26.01.2024 | 784

Business news Let’s talk about cities

"Transforming our cities for a better urban future" is the slogan of the WUF11 World Urban Forum, which will take place in Katowice at the end...

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06.06.2022 | 1227

Business news Feast of meetings

The 61st Congress of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions will be held in Krakow. The capital of Malopolska competed with ...

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21.03.2022 | 1137

Business news The meeting indistry is alive!

2020 was an exceptional time for the meetings industry. The congresses, conferences and other events planned many years in advance were...

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13.10.2021 | 1295

Business news Kraków the best for city break

The Times magazine published a ranking of the best cities for city break. One of the distinguished destinations turned out to be...

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13.09.2021 | 1111

Business news Support for tourism

"Małopolska as a destination" is a new campaign organized in cooperation with the Małopolska Tourist Organization. In 2022, it will promote...

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13.05.2021 | 1160

Airport Flash Plany Kraków Airport na 2021 rok

Obecny 2021 ma będzie czasem jeszcze większych wyzwań: odbudowy zaufania do podróży lotniczych i odbudowa potencjału lotniska. To także...

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13.01.2021 | 5108

Airport Flash Podsumowanie roku 2020

Z powodu pandemii rok 2020 stał się wyjątkowo trudnym dla krakowskiego lotniska, ale także dla całej branży lotniczej i turystycznej. To...

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13.01.2021 | 1869

Airport Flash Dobra atmosfera od HGI Kraków Airport

Hilton Garden Inn Kraków Airport nie poprzestaje na standardowych działaniach i wychodzi z murów hotelowych do swoich klientów oferując...

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14.12.2020 | 1803

Business news Biurowce w Krakowie

Rok 2020 stanowi wyzwanie dla całej gospodarki w tym i sektora biurowego. Jak wygląda sytuacja Krakowa na tle polskiego rynku biurowego na...

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14.12.2020 | 2024

Business news Kraków ma plan – rekordowy budżet 2021

Pomimo trwającej epidemii, która odbije się na dochodach, miasto nie zamierza zwalniać i w przyszłym roku zrealizuje kilkaset zadań...

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14.12.2020 | 2043

Airport Flash Welcome back

The closure of the borders in mid-March and introduction of the state of epidemic threat resulted in complete suspension of commercial flights....

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11.08.2020 | 5626

Airport Flash Bezpieczeństwo przede wszystkim

Kraków Airport jako pierwszy port lotniczy w Polsce podpisał deklarację „Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19”, zainicjowaną i...

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30.06.2020 | 2703

Airport Flash Inwestycje w toku

Wszelkie procesy inwestycyjne niezbędne dla zagwarantowania bezpieczeństwa operacji lotniczych i zachowania ciągłości operacyjnej Kraków...

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25.06.2020 | 2363

Business news Innovative Malopolska

According to representatives of the Kraków Technology Park (KPT), 2019 was the best year in its 22-year history. The plans for the next years...

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03.03.2020 | 3354

Business news Coordinated Airport

Kraków Airport is the only regional airport in Poland that serves over 8 million passengers during the year, where 24 carriers offer 150...

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16.01.2020 | 4804

Business news How to manage business processes in practice?

The next, seventh edition of WEBCON DAY will be held on 23-24 October. It is a great opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and inspirations ...

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22.10.2019 | 2614

Airport Flash Customer Experience w centrum uwagi

Kraków Airport organizatorem 3. edycji ACI Customer Experience Global Summit...

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05.09.2019 | 3160

Airport Flash ACI Europe in Kraków

The ACI EUROPE Regional Airports’ Conference and Exhibition is held in Kraków these days. It is a meeting of top management staff of regional ...

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21.05.2019 | 3657

Business news IMPACT’19 ECONOMIC CONGRESS in Kraków

The biggest economic event in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will take place on 21-22 May. During the span of two days, 250 speakers will give ...

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15.05.2019 | 2602


Participants of business events and meetings spent PLN 1.4 billion in Kraków. The “The economic influence of the meeting industry on Kraków...

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28.02.2019 | 2822


On 7th and 8th March 2019 in Stara Zajezdnia in Kraków, the mobile business representatives are going to meet at the Mobile Trends Conference...

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28.02.2019 | 2818

Business news #KRK2036

Last year, Kraków Airport presented the Master Plan of Kraków-Balice Airport, i.e. a long-term investment plan that will enable the...

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17.10.2018 | 3245

Business news 28th Economic Forum in Krynica

During the 28th Economic Forum in Krynica representatives of the aviation industry discussed the "Potential directions of development of...

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17.10.2018 | 3217

Business news CYBERSEC Forum – Kraków

On 8-9 October, 2018, CYBERSEC conference will be organized. This will be is the first event in Poland, and one of the few in Europe, that...

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28.09.2018 | 2897

Business news Cooperation with the Vanguard Initiative

Małopolskie voivodeship has announced the winner of the tender that aimed at selecting an intermediary between the Vanguard Initiative and...

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30.08.2018 | 2901

Business news A factory for 360 million

Mabuchi Motors, a manufacturer of small electric motors, starts its first factory in Europe in the Kraków Special Economic...

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30.08.2018 | 2691

Business news Without a visa to the US?

If Poland is admitted to the Visa Waiver program, Poles will be able to travel to the United States only with a...

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06.07.2018 | 4550

Business news New business specialization – a wider perspective

Cracow University of Economics has initiated an educational project that will allow students to learn about and start cooperation with many...

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06.07.2018 | 2605

Business news Krakowice hosts UNESCO congress

Kraków city of literature and Katowice city of music will join forces as Krakowice. Both cities will host this year’s UNESCO Creative Cities...

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12.06.2018 | 3528

Business news Małopolskie Voivodeship in the lead

Małopolskie voivodeship has once again been distinguished in "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19" ranking created by fDi...

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05.06.2018 | 2840

Business news Kraków a hit in tourism

At the request of the City Office of Kraków the research examining the effect of World Youth Day on the city’s economy was...

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06.02.2018 | 3378

Business news Constructing an Economic Activity Zone

The Kraków City Council has agreed upon transfer of 40-hectare plots, where a part of an Economic Activity Zone will be created, to Kraków...

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16.10.2017 | 3449

Business news The largest coworking network in Kraków

Business Link, the largest coworking office rental network in Poland, is opening a new office space in the very heart of...

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16.10.2017 | 3418

Business news Kraków authorities announce a competition

The space under the new railroad flyovers, which are under construction from ul. Lubicz to ul. Podgórska in Kraków, is going to be...

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16.10.2017 | 2786

Business news The 27th Economic Forum in Krynica

“Project Europe – what recipe for the next decade?” – is the motto of the 27th Economic Forum in Krynica that will take place on...

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10.09.2017 | 2692

Business news About technological innovations in Kraków

The Kraków Technology Park will host the Open Living Lab Days 2017 conference between August 29 and September...

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05.09.2017 | 2483

Business news Kraków – a global business brand

The next edition of Tholons Services Globalisation Index has confirmed strong position of Kraków in the global market for business and...

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28.08.2017 | 2655

Business news Brainly distinguished by “Entrepreneur” magazine

Brainly, a start-up from Kraków, was distinguished by American magazine “Entrepreneur”, which named it one of nine revolutionary...

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20.06.2017 | 3044

Business news Małopolska – innovative and venturesome

The 7th edition of the Małopolska Innovation Festival entitled "Beads, Highlanders and High- Tech" took place on 15-21 May in Kraków, Tarnów, ...

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01.06.2017 | 2748

Business news Technology in marketing

Startup Weekends are periodic meetings during which teams work on solutions using modern...

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26.04.2017 | 2715

Business news Kraków’s second youth

Over the last decade, the IT, business and technology industries have changed Kraków almost beyond recognition. Accompanying the new,...

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22.04.2017 | 2920

Business news Artificial intelligence

KrakHack is the first Polish 24-hour hackathon that has been used to help create city development...

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14.04.2017 | 2678

Business news KTP requests to extend the zone

Kraków Technology Park wants to extend its special economic zone by another 97...

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28.03.2017 | 2488

Business news The stars of the investment market

The ICE Kraków Congress Centre will be hosting the 3rd edition of Expo FxCuffs that will take place on 24-25 March...

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26.03.2017 | 2661

Business news Kraków Airport recognised by passengers

On 6 March of the current year, Kraków Airport was awarded first prize by Airport Council International in the category: Europe – Best...

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09.03.2017 | 2626

Business news 3rd edition of Kraków Business Starter

During the 30th StartUp Mixer, which was held on 13 December 2016, the winners of the 3rd edition of Kraków Business Starter were...

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19.02.2017 | 2529